The exceptional sale of products coveted by stars

Foreo Soldes Dec 2019

The press sales of Louboutin can take a side step. Here is the hot breaking news that is making beauty-addicts hop with joy.

Normal. For Black Friday, FOREO, the Swedish beauty label stars are wild about (Victoria Beckham is a big fan) is organizing a major sale. #shopop

Amazing fact: its cult brushes will exceptionally be on sale during several days. Be sure to remember the dates: from the 26th of November to the 5th of December. A terrific occasion to treat yourself to this essential or to ask Santa ahead of time to make a beauty stop on your behalf!

Foreo, the label creating a revolution in the universe of beauty

Need we remind you? With its cleansing brushes and its system of magic pulsations, the Swedish brand Beauty-Tech has changed the cosmetics industry with its revolutionary products for face treatments.

Here is a short listing of cult products to nab before they run out of stock...


For whom? Nomad gals who live between two houses and carry their toiletry case everywhere they go.

Its magic power: with very hygienic silicone pods and T-Sonic™ pulsations, this apparatus eliminates 99.5 % of impurities and excess sebum as well as makeup residues and dead cells in record time. Its 8 different intensities offer a personalized cleansing.

Its very soft price? €97.3 instead of €139—to buy asap


For whom? Busy working girls obsessed with glow.

Its magic power: not only did it win all the beauty awards, but women of power, actresses and influencers take it along everywhere they go... LUNA 2 is definitely the incredible beauty routine to adopt for a high end facial and fight against ageing in just 2 minutes flat each day. The ultimate obsession of this war machine: smoothing the complexion and giving it amazing radiance thanks to its double face anti-age / cleansing.

Its very soft price? €126.75 instead of €169—to buy asap

For whom? Girls who dream of a treatment worthy of the best spas in Paris… at home.

Its magic power: imagine an intelligent mask with unequalled virtues, inspired by the beauty formulas of Koreans. Clipped onto a technological gem using thermotherapy, cryotherapy, T-Sonic™ pulsations, red, green and blue LED lights, it stimulates the production of collagen, unifies the complexion and fights against the bacteria producing acne. In short, a state-of-the-art innovation for fast and stunning results. Now just choose a favourite mask.


Our darling? The Shimmer Freak mask that erases signs of fatigue in only 90 seconds and the H2Overdose Mask, filled with hyaluronic acid for difficult mornings…

Its very soft price?181.35 instead of €279 for the UFO and €116.35 instead of €179 € for the mini UFO

And UFO masks are €13 for six instead of €19.90

Black Friday FOREO, from the 26th of November to the 5th of December.

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