The new Parisian brands that fashionistas are obsessed with

Marques Upcycling

Aristocratic accessories, upcycled fabric blouses , Made in Paris collections or an online store to catch the most beautiful vintage earrings … What are the new French brands that are creating the news in fashion?


Silk reborn ! This is the claim of this new Parisian brand created by 3 friends who share the same passion for vintage silk scarves: the stylist Edith Cabane , (ex-Mirae), the big boss of com' Lisa Chauveau , associate director of the Mafia agency and Constance Govare , artistic director and co-founder of the Maison Nue studio . During confinement, the trio unites their talents to transform their collection of mottled squares signed Hermès , Pucci or Saint Laurent and bring out Altemps , the new label that is causing a sensation among fashionistas, Jeanne Damas in mind.

The pieces that everyone is snapping up: the most chic slippers ever made (€155 a pair), very desirable unique pieces inspired by hotel slippers and geisha shoes , padded at the sole and at the strap to obtain a chubby effect that couldn't be more sexy and wrapped in a cotton furoshiki for an unboxing effect. Always on the same principle of upcycled silk scarves, the team is preparing a collection of unique objects with an ever more responsible and local production possible for the summer. Coming out of the workshops, the shirt is already turning the heads of fashionistas. We are impatiently awaiting: the bob , the sandal and the shorts for the summer.

All information on altemps.limited

Maison Flore

Extremely attached to her family history (the founders of Chocolats Mouren in Marseille ) and to the traditions of yesteryear, Flore revisits in her pretty shop in the Marais the famous linen trousseau which was once passed down from mother to daughter. His hobby? Collect superb old sheets (from the 60s to the 80s) in cotton or linen, embroidered or lace, then upcycle them to give them a second life. But the chic signature of Maison Flore is its delicate floral embroidery on the collar or cuffs.

The pieces that everyone is snapping up: blouses (from €140), dress (€450), removable collars (from €50), “Tulip” trousers with ruffled ankles (€115), placemats (€20 ) and cushions (€85) highly romantic, with this outdated contrast yet wildly in tune with the times. Our favorite ? The Myosotis ruffled shorts (from €95), available in beautiful fabrics with a floral print, which borrows from loungewear and men's boxer shorts with a visible label and elastic waistband.

All information on maisonfloreparis.com

Fauve Paris

Whether or not you have pierced ears, the desire to wear XXL earrings has become almost universal. Starting from this principle and having always had a mania for rummaging through mums and grandmas to unearth their fashion treasures, the two founders of Fauves Paris have launched a dream e-shop which brings together more than 300 models of vintage clip-on earrings. . All hunted all over France and Europe in search of pairs with real added value, inspired by the power girls of the 80's and 90's embodied in magazines by Linda Evangelista and others.

The pieces that everyone is tearing up: unique pieces, as wow for a wedding as for upgrading a very simple office outfit. In the shape of the sun, flowers, shells, stars, golden, with rhinestones or colored… to grab asap as soon as you fall in love with them to prevent them from slipping under your nose. Count between 35 and 180 € per pair.

All information on fauves.paris

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