How to make your hair look “just like the hairdresser”

Mode D Emploi Pour Des Cheveux Comme Chez Le Coiffeur

The secret of great looking hair is knowing how to wash it! Here is the way to do it:

You need to wet the hair a lot before shampooing in order for the product to penetrate properly. A quick jet of water is not enough; The scalp must be really wet.

You need to apply the shampoo on the scalp and not the hair. Be sure to spread the product well on the scalp. The entire skull must be covered with shampoo. Don’t bother scrubbing the  ends. It will just damage them. When rinsing, the shampoo will pass on all the hair.

Rinsing: it must be super abundant. Better forego the mask step or the conditioner than to badly rinse your hair.

Never dry the ends with the towel.

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