Jo Nesbø, Chang Kuo-Li, Alexeï Ivanov: the 3 thrillers to devour right now

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Have you been waiting for Dexter season 9 for almost 10 years? For even held a few weeks, booksellers Colette Notebooks have made a small selection of the best thrillers of the time to read snorkeling in front of his fireplace.

The blackest

The good novel: Their domain , Jo Nesbø, translated by Céline Romand-Monnier, ed. Gallimard, € 22

The pitch. At 16 and 17, Carl and Roy lost their parents when their Cadillac fell into a ravine. Roy, the somewhat gruff older brother, has set up as a mechanic in the gas station in the neighboring town. Carl, the village BG who has been successful since childhood, left for Canada to study economics upon finishing school. When the prodigal son returns years later, behind the wheel of a luxury car and his sublime wife on her arm, he has only one project in mind: to transform the family estate into a magnificent spa hotel with (financial) support. from the community. At the same time, the boys begin to doubt that their parents' deaths were just an accident. Murder? Suicide?

Why are you going to love it? For his 19th novel, the captain of the genre Jo Nesbø abandons Harry Hole , famous detective of the Crim 'of Oslo that his assiduous readers have followed for almost 2 decades, for the benefit of these anti-heroes eaten away by their past and toxic family relationships. . A realistic novel with unbearable suspense, which paints a chilling portrait of a brother ready to do anything to protect the other.

The most political

The good novel: The sniper, his wok and his rifle , Chang Kuo-Li, translated by Alexis Brossollet, ed. Gallimard, € 19

The pitch. In Taiwan , the body of an officer from the Army's Bureau of Orders and Acquisitions is found sitting in a hotel room with a gun in his hand. Verdict? A suicide. But when a second officer's corpse is found, washed up by the sea on the beach of the Sandbeads, Superintendent Wu , 12 days away from retirement, begins to doubt. At the same time, in Rome, Ai Li, a sniper , executes a man on the orders of the secret services . Hunted by another killer, he flees across Europe and discovers the identity of his victim: a special advisor to the Taiwanese president. Back in Taipei, Alex decides to help Wu investigate , despite the ban from their superiors.

Why are you going to love it? In the tradition of Qiu Xiaolong , the famous Chinese author awarded the Anthony Prize in 2001, the former editor of the China Times Weekly Chang Kuo-Li mixes tones and romantic genres in this fascinating thriller inspired by the scandal of the Taiwan frigates. which shook the world of French armaments at the beginning of the 90s. Murders , espionage , historical background and geopolitical analysis… A fascinating intrigue between top secret military files and corruption, told by a hired killer with a lot of humor and a some talent for cooking.

The most historic

The good novel: The Last Afghan , Alexeï Ivanov, translated by Raphaëlle Pache, ed. Rivages / Payot, € 23.90

The pitch. We call them the Afghans , these young Russian veterans a bit gruff and completely alcoholic, survivors of the defeat against the Mujahedin . Sergei, a leader at heart, founded the Comintern , a union of veterans based in Boutaiev. The idea? “ Brotherhood. In Afghanistan, we were brothers from the Soviet Union and we fought for that. And in the Soviet Union, we are brothers from Afghanistan and we do business ", he explains to encourage his comrades to join him. Among them, Guerman becomes the appointed driver of the group. When he realizes the incredible violence as shown by Sergei, totally corrupt, the one nicknamed “ the German ” steers the armored van that contains all the money of the Comintern and tries to disappear with the only woman he has ever loved.

Why are you going to love it? Characters in Zola as flamboyant as tragic, bloody intrigue with vodka, misery and corruption ... This fatal epic, where everyone is desperately trying to save his skin, is a fascinating historical epic of Russia post Soviet Union , between the war in Afghanistan and the beginnings of capitalism.


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