My Kimono: a new must

17kimono Veste Maia

Wishing to create a piece that is at the same time inspired by the Asian bustle and Parisian chic, Olivia Gurdjian, a young stylist, made it her quest to reinvent the  kimono as a classic of the Parisienne’s wardrobe. This piece is conceived as an “it” that will survive fashions and seasons (similar to the trench coat and the little black dress) designed as a jacket, a dress or a hippie chic blouse!  It’s the perfect accessory to give a chic touch to a pair of jeans, ideal to make tuxedo pants look more relaxed and lovely as a long dress by the waterfront! At a time when fashion is constantly going out of fashion, this modern and trendy accessory is the new must-have of the Parisienne!

We love: the wide array of super colorful prints that give some vitamin peps to our wardrobe and the possibility of choosing between three elegant and refined cuts!

Kimonos are sold on the eShop of the brand or on the site

A partir de 120€

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