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Pickable Dec 2018

Are you terrified by the idea a person of your entourage might recognize you on a dating app? And what if your ex suddenly notices your profile? Or worse, your boss or that really looser guy you totally ignored and who risks tackling you again. No photo, you are totally incognito.

To avoid this kind of issue, Pickable enables gals to navigate on the app in a totally 100% anonymous way. No need to sign up, incognito. Nobody will know you are using this dating app, except the guy (s) you are wild about and choose to contact.

In other words, a good deal.

Concretely, if you are attracted by a profile, just send your photo. And if the crush is reciprocal, he can contact you via the app chat. Next step? The ball is in your court!

The added plus? By geolocalizing yourself, the app suggests a few other guys nearby. Keep your eyes peeled.

Download the app for free on iOs and Android.

More info on pickable.

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