How to preserve a glowing holiday complexion?


What’s the solution when your tan fades away? A small tour of the new products with innovative formulas to keep your holiday allure as long as possible.

Over boost your glow and lifting effect

The good product. The new double R serum by Guerlain.

The promise. Glow, filled out wrinkles, a refined skin grain, your complexion is repulped with a lifting effect.

The good formula. A star active formula: the organic royal gel boosted by a double formula: peeling with a base of lactic, citric and glycolic acids, enriched with a layered structure acid to optimise tolerance and renew skin softly. And the formula: a lifting effect, with a new gene that stimulates the hyaluronic acid synthesis and repairs fragmented collagen. All in a double bottle with two distinct parts in order to optimise the conservation of each formula until used.

The protocol. The pump frees just the right dose to be applied morning and evening before the daily treatment cream.

Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair 50ml, Guerlain €175

Everything targets anti-wrinkles and firmness

The good product. AWF5 Valmont offers two lines: V-Liifting line and the V- Shape Filling line that includes serum, cream and eye contour.

The promise. Skin that is immediately prettier and on the long term, between two and six months, more firm, lifted repulped with fewer wrinkles.

The formula. The two ranges use the same exclusive complex with 5 active ingredients that work on the entire skin structure. Pour For the V-Lifting line, ingredients with lifting powers enrich the formula. Go for the V- Shape Filling line, products that re-boost and bring more density to the skin, complete the formula.

The protocol. Either one of these lines can be used depending on the state of your skin or both at the same time for a major treatment cure.

The V- Lifting Valmont line: serum, €239, cream €255, eye contour €195

The V- Shape Filling Valmont line: serum €255, cream €275, eye contour €205

Keep those pimples at bay

The good product. Sébologie Double concentré Resurfaçant by Lierac Laboratoires.

The promise. Starting the first day, skin is more matt and, after one month, imperfections, pimples and blackheads have almost disappeared.

The formula. Even better: a night and day formula in the same bottle with the same active ingredients: zinc with scarring, anti-bacteria and sebum regulation properties as well as salicylic acid that reduces dead cells. An anti-pollution and anti-seborrhea agent completes the day formula. A combo of glycolic acid and a pore refiner enrich the night formula to reinforce the architecture of the skin and reduce pores.

The protocol. Morning and evening, apply the adapted concentrate under your daily cream while avoiding the eye contour for an intensive 24h/24 treatment.

And for a really efficient and strong treatment, use the additional exfoliating mask. Glow galore!

Double concentré Resurfaçant Sébologie by Lierac Laboratoires.(mettre le prix…)

Masque exfoliant Scrub Désincrustant Sébologie by Lierac Laboratories. (mettre le prix…)

Soothing solutions against stress and pollution

The good product. A smoothing treatment with mimosa, energizing and smoothing cream, DR Renaud

The promise. It brings back to over-solicited skin all its glow and vitality. Smoothes out wrinkles.

The formula. For protection: a 100% natural neuro-phyto-complex with oxygen to boost the cellular oxygenation of skin, organic mimosa extract to protect from oxydized stress, pollustop, against chemical and environmental pollution, extracts of tanins from Tara against the effects of blue light. For energizing, sunflower excerpt, to nourish and moisturize a complex of mimosa wax, with tamarin extract, hyaluronic acid and Shea butter—finally, for regeneration, extracts of tenuiflora mimosa barks.

The protocol. To be applied morning and evening on the face and neck.

Smoothing treatment with mimosa, energizing and smoothing cream. DR Renaud €39

The right corrector for redness

The product. CC Red Correct.

The promise. It corrects redness, unifies the complexion, gives glow, soothes...

The formula. A strong high tech formula, enriched with Centelle Asiatica, filled with green pigments and encapsulated pigments that work on the blurring effect.

The protocols: the encapsulated green pigments become beige upon application. To be used in small touches against redness or all over if the redness covers the entire face.

CC Red Correct Erborian. 15ml €16.95

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