Happy hours where you can (really) talk about sex

Grand Control Apero Sexe

Are you uncomfortable with feminine masturbation? Afraid of being judged if you have a quick flash in the pan? Should one dare to take a lover? If these questions fascinate you, we have good news, Carole Ruvira, therapists in positive sexology, speaks about all these supposedly taboo” subjects amongst women. 

More good news, guys can also participate! Maybe an occasion to open up their chakras also or to send a message?


Tupperware gatherings around sex

The rendezvous is taken in the 12th arrondissement at Ground Control with workshops to make speaking out easier and being able to live out your sexuality happily all summer long. 

From the 31st of July to the 28th of August, Ground Control is offering philosophy coffee workshops revisited in sexo happy hours during 1 hour every Wednesday evening 7:30pm.

How does work: here everything is done to remove complexes about sexuality without feeling judged… For the extra touch of glam, each one can express their point of view and exchange on the topic of the day around a cocktail and a delicious pasta dish by Solina Pasta Fresca.


Do you know sex yoga? 

To complete these masterclasses that will make you into a real sex fiend, sign up for a yoga class offered on the 21st of August at 8:30pm to softly finish the happy hour c. 

The principle? Opening up your sexual chakras with Virginie Dessaigne, a yin yoga teacher, who will show you positions that will boost your sexual drive like never before. Tempted? (Think of taking your yoga mat and a bottle of water.)

And for those who are not in Paris, how about a catch up session? You can look up the mini debate through the Vibrant-e-s podcast every Thursday featuring the discussion of the day before!

More information on sexotherapie-relationnelle.fr and on @les_causeriesdecarole.

Free entrance, starting at 18 years old.
Workshops open from the 31st of July to the 28th of August, every Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm

Reservations sur groundcontrolparis.com.

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