Yum: flower buns with honey cream

Recette Brioche Fleur

Fun and easy to make, these honey briochettes (here, an incredible creamy from the Midi-Pyrénées Les Compagnons du Miel with the French fair trade label) will make breakfasts, brunches and spring snacks swing.

Instructions :

1. Heat the milk (around 40 ° C, not more than 50 ° C) and pour in the yeast. Mix and set aside for 10 min. The yeast will rehydrate and form foam.

2. In the bowl of your food processor or in a salad bowl, pour the flour, eggs, sugar and salt. Mix then add the mixture of yeast and milk. Knead 2 min at minimum speed (or 5 min by hand).

3. Then add the softened butter and knead for 5 minutes at medium speed (or 10 minutes by hand). The dough is quite sticky, that's normal.

4. Gather the dough in the bowl / salad bowl to form a ball then cover the neck and let the dough rise for about 1h30. It must double in size.

5. Degass the dough (punching it) and separate the dough into 10 equal parts. At this point you can either form round buns and use a mold

briochettes or muffins or go on the manual shaping of small flowers.

6. Prepare two baking sheets covered with baking paper and divide the pasta balls on each baking sheet. To form a small flower, flatten the ball, place a cap on the

center and make 5 incisions around the cap to form 5 petals. Pinch each petal to give them a round or teardrop shape. Repeat for each


7. Cover the briochettes and set aside again 1 hour to 1:30 for the second shoot.

8. Preheat the oven to 170 °.

9. Prepare the gilding by mixing the ingredients. With a brush or finger, spread

delicately gilding the briochettes. Do not press too hard to avoid deflating them.

10. Bake for 15 min, placing the baking sheet on the second floor from the bottom of the oven (it is preferable to bake one baking sheet at a time). The briochettes will take on a nice color

golden when cooked.

11. Prepare the honey cream by mixing the cream cheese with the honey and icing sugar. Be careful, the cream cheese must be at room temperature otherwise the butter will slice in the next step.

12. Add the softened butter and whisk together for 1 min.

13. The cream is ready! You can fill your brioches with honey cream with a pastry bag to garnish or simply spread it on top. Enjoy, it's a delight!

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