Very British trifles

Recette Trifle

Pears, apples and raisins associated with palets bretons cookies for a recipe that recycles over-ripe fruit in a delicious overlapping of seasonal colours.

Preparation : 5 min
Cooking : 10 min
For 4 persons


Wash, remove the seeds, cut the
apples and pears into small cubes. Remove the seeds from the grapes.

In a pan, cook the fruit with the sugar during 15 to 20 minutes by stirring regularly and adding some water if necessary. Allow to cool down slightly.

In a bowl, mix the farmer cheese with the honey and set aside.

Coarsely crush 1 palet breton cookie in each glass verrine.

Place a generous tablespoon of farmer cheese with honey and finish with a layer of mashed fruit.

Enjoy your trifle warm and cold.


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- 1 apple

- 200 g of grapes

- 2 pears

- 1 tablespoon of brown cassonnade sugar

- 8 tablespoons of farmer cheese

- 1 tablespoon of honey

- 4 palets bretons cookies

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