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Maillots De Bain

Not everyone has the privilege of being confined to the sun or to a house with a garden to polish their tan. A thought for all those who are stuck in their Parisian apartment dreaming of their next getaways by the sea or by the swimming pool , desperately catching any ray that passes in front of their window.

The end of the corona era will one day come. We are holding on by adding the most beautiful swimsuits of the moment to our wishlist. Glamorous one -piece , colorful bikini , asymmetrical , floral or sporty model … Everyone frustrated by idleness will have their share of dreams and lycra. The proof by 10.

Liberty darling

Maillot de bain Liberty, Isabel Marant, 90 € le haut et 125 € la culotte

Once is not custom, Isabel Marant plays romantics with its variation of Liberty pattern on her two-piece swimsuit with retro looks. The high-waisted panty with drawstring comes as a bonus to erase small complexes.

Liberty swimsuit, Isabel Marant, 90 € the top and 125 € the panties

Tie and dye

Maillot Peirado, Jacquemus

Jacquemus continues to instill in us cravings for sun and warm sand with this pink and orange tie and dye bikini, which ensures good looks and sex appeal like the sweet pepees of the South. That's good, it's time for pastis.

Peirado swimsuit, Jacquemus , 175 €

White is white

Maillot de bain Cavallo blanc, Calarena

Always glamorous , Calarena revisits the iconic and bombastic white one-piece in a very low - cut version at the back and chain detail on the neckline. What to play the jetsetters in goguette.

White Cavallo swimsuit, Calarena , € 255


Maillot de bain asymétrique, Albertine

Its pattern is inspired by California sunsets and its colors are flattering for all skin tones. Albertine is flawless with her asymmetrical swimsuit that is kept from the beach to the aperitif, flanked by small denim shorts.

Asymmetric swimsuit, Albertine , € 160

To compose

Maillot de bain The Gemma, Cossie+Co, 78 € le haut, 78 € le bas

Inspired by the 50s in a sculpting honeycomb jersey, the two-piece from the British label Cossie + Co is composed according to the mood above and below among three sublime pastel colors: pink, green and blue. It's up to you to mismatch them as you wish!

The Gemma swimsuit, Cossie + Co, € 78 top , € 78 bottom on matchesfashion.com


Maillot de bain réversible Cana, Pain de Sucre

On the stack side, a strong chocolate brown shimmering even on light tans. On the face, a tangy raspberry to attract attention on golden skin. Pain de Sucre offers its reversible two-in-one swimsuit, practical to save space in the suitcase.

Reversible Cana swimsuit, Pain de Sucre , € 125

Revival 90's

Maillot une-pièce bleu marine, Banana Moon

Cooler than ever, Banana Moon , aka the swimsuit brand that dressed all teenagers in the 1990s, is making a style comeback. To give yourself a facelift, slip on this sporty one-piece worthy of Santa Monica beach volleyball players.

Navy blue one-piece swimsuit, Banana Moon , € 85


Maillot de bain doré, Mes Demoiselles,

This one is the model that we automatically draw for a pool party . A swimsuit worthy of the big Pampelonne celebrations, of course designed by Mes Demoiselles , the gypset's favorite bohemian / glam ' label .

Golden swimsuit, Mes Demoiselles, 245 €, soon available on www.mesdemoisellesparis.com


Maillot de bain Mon Refuge, Tatiane de Freitas

The good tip for lengthening your leg is to choose your one-piece swimsuit with a low cut that goes up to the hip. An optical illusion offered by Tatiane de Freitas and welcome to all those who have abused homemade cakes a little during confinement.

Mon Refuge swimsuit, Tatiane de Freitas , € 269

Floral print

Maillot de bain Murmure des Vagues, Ysé

Its flowers are inspired by the paintings of Matisse and the orange colors of Morocco . Quite a poem for Ysé 's Murmure des Vagues swimsuit, sublimated by pretty little knots between the breasts and on the hips.

Murmure des Vagues swimsuit, Ysé, € 55 for the top and € 30 for the panties

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