5 magic tools to replace hairdresser, hair removal and sports club

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Between the job that ends late, the empty fridge, the children to manage, the vet and life at 100 an hour... Impossible to find the time to go to the gym , to the hairdresser or the beautician .

Should we give up feeling on top? Nay: here are 5 magical toys to use at home that provide dream hair removal , perfect brushing and descaling as if you had passed through the hands of the best pros. Small listing.

To swap your sports session at Bodytech

Objective: a rapido body bikini.

The perfect alternative at home: treat yourself to the best-selling products from Slendertone , the star brand for practicing electrostimulation at home and getting a perfect body worthy of the best Photoshop filters . In practice: the Tonifying Bottom shorts and the Flex belt from have clever and easy-to-use electrodes, which act in depth on all the muscles, especially if they are boosted by a little sport or activity at the same time (yoga , brisk walking, reinforcement…). We know it: it's the regularity that counts for it to work. You no longer have an excuse to sculpt flat buttocks and draw the belly effectively.

Perfect timing: sessions of 20 to 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week.

Short Tonifiant Bottom Slendertone 179,74 €

Slendertone Flex Belt €73.75

To replace a facial treatment at the spa

Objective: to find the glow with a state-of-the-art protocol.

The good alternative: treat yourself to light therapy sessions galore at home with the Silk'n Led silicone mask, which uses the same ultra-high-tech process as the favorite spas of sophisticated beautystas. A technique that uses red, blue, yellow or purple LED light that stimulates cell activity by producing new cells. The key: blood circulation and collagen are completely boosted and the aging of the skin smoothed out.

Perfect timing: a 10 to 15 minute session for an immediate boost of radiance.

Silk'n Led Face Mask 100 139 €

To dry off a waxing session at Venus Beauty

Goal: zero hair.

The good alternative: treat yourself to a high-tech gem that even beauticians recommend, namely the Braun Silk Epil 9 with a larger than average epilation head and a pressure sensor that guides during epilation and removes as many hairs as possible, even the shortest ones, avoiding ingrown hairs. Its super accessories allow you to go without fear or taboo where you don't always dare (hair on your face, lips, buttocks)...

Perfect timing: every night in the bath to always be very soft! Wireless and equipped with waterproof technology, it is mainly used in water.

Braun Silk Epil 9 Braun 98,99

To skip the hairdresser box

Objective: a perfect smoothing blow-dry or wow hairstyles that only good hairdressers have the secret to .

The good alternative: you must have heard of the Dyson Air Wrap , the secret ally of professional hairdressers. It turns out to be a miraculous tool that transforms a hair without shape into a star hairstyle in no time , whatever the desired effect. With rollers to curl or wave, brushes to smooth and volumize, smart heat control, and an aerodynamic effect that draws hair onto the roller and winds it on its own, you go from a high ponytail to a a waffle effect, a wavy or a glass hair . And we change stylish hairstyle like shoes in a very Zendaya mood .

Perfect timing: in 5 minutes, it's over.

Dyson airwrap 499€

To skip scaling at the dentist

Goal: a clean mouth and a Diamond Enamel smile .

The good alternative: Issa 3 by Foreo , the first sonic pulsating toothbrush which, with its soft silicone bristles and 16 intensity levels, gently massages the gums, removes dental plaque with 30% efficiency in plus, cleans tongue and cheeks for perfect breath. With the key, a healthy mouth, immaculate teeth and an irresistible smile.

Perfect timing. 3 minutes morning and evening in front of his mirror.

Foreo, Issa 3, 169 €


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