The Chinese massage that gets rid of tummy fat

Dear Parisienne,

If your favourite sport consists in enjoying happy hour on a terrace, if you cannot live without your daily dose of saucisson and if you hide that little tummy behind a floppy top: we have the solution.

Head directly for La Maison du Tuinia, really amazing Chinese methods that offer incredible rituals stemming from Chinese medicine that all the Parisian twigs are wild about!

Normal: the Jian Fei Tui Na is the ideal vintage slimming massage that remains the most radical ever tested in Paris. An ultra exclusive treatment that works with percussions and kneading without counting the good old palpate-roll technique on your stomach with the help of special essential oils.

Concretely: it firms up, breaks fatty cells, drains and eliminates cellulite. A pleasure session ? Not really. But then it really works (plan on 8 to10 sessions)… And it’s motivating to eat some veggies and carrot juice before hitting the playa. Check it out.

We like: there exist several centres around Paris, in the Marais, in the 7th and in the 16th.

50€ per session of 30 min, 400 € for 10 sessions

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By Elodie Rouge

Where to find it ?

La Maison du Tuinia

13 rue St Gilles

75003 Paris

01 42 77 70 38

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