An ultra sexy goat cheese tartine with rose

Twist a slice of bread with a few pears and a dash of rose jam signed l’Epicurien and you will obtain the most sexy tartine for the month of June.


On a slice of freshly toasted bread, add the goat cheese. Place a few slices of crunchy pear. Add a dash of rose petal jam and sprinkle with germinated alfalfa seeds.

Nessa Buonomo for L'Épicurien

©Chloé Lapeyssonnie

Also discover the avocado tartine of La Maison Plisson and the tartine of goat cheese, blackberries and avocado.


A few slices of cereal bread – A fresh goat cheese

A crunchy pear sliced up into thin slivers

A handful of germinated alfalfa seeds

L’Epicurien rose petal jam

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