Your Xmas dinner offered and served !

Christmas meal

A you game for a super chic Xmas eve dinner, with top notch products without lifting a finger?

Well the good news is that Frichti, the driving force behind yummy home-made dishes that are delivered to your doorstep, has organized a special Xmas service with deliveries of all the best products … Yay. All you need to do is open the door for the messenger. Unpack the packages. And it’s ready.

You dream of it ? With DO IT IN PARIS you can win and have a super Xmas basket, signed Frichti, delivered with outstanding foie gras produced by a small family business in Burgundy. Amazing. And let’s not forget salmon from the Scottish Highlands, smoked with beech wood and sliced in France. Tops: a superb bottle of brut Horiot champagne for exceptional Xmas bubbles.

Contest over

All the information on www.frichti.co

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