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In their book, The Wonder down Under, recently published by Editions Actes Sud, Nina Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl explore in depth women’s sexual anatomy. These two Norwegian medical students explain without any taboo and in simple terms how the intimate parts of women function. Menstruation, contraception, waxing, anal sex, pregnancy… Everything is reviewed with humour and panache. Here we have chosen to focus on the clitoris. For the rest, we suggest you read the book.

1. The clitoris, is like a Kinder Surprise

It moves on the outside and hides a surprise inside! Before looking into the subject any deeper, here is an accelerated course of anatomy. What is hidden between your legs is called a vulva. Schematically, the vulva looks like a flower. The clitoris is the junction of the petals (small lips). This famous “button”, which seemingly is the size of a dried raisin is only the visible part of the organ. The clitoris spreads internally: the inner parts include the urethra and the vagina. This clitoral complex has the shape of an inverted Y that measures between 0,5 and 3,5 cm long. It should also be mentioned that the clitoris varies from one woman to another.

2. The clitoris is the most sensitive area of the body

It is not surprising since it comprises 8 000 nerve endings. As many as on the head of a man’s penis, but 50 times more concentrated. Translation, it does not take much to stimulate. Hitting the roof at the slightest touch? Why not?
It should be noted however that certain women have orgasms more easily than others.
Another consequence of this extreme sensitivity, over-solicitation can easily lead to sensations of pain, even numbing. If this is the case, let it alone for a while.

3. The clitoris could shelter the G spot

A hypothesis to be considered with great care. Scientists have not yet found certain proof of this legendary area inside the vagina, baptized by the German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. Certain researchers claim that the G point could very well be “a deep internal area of the clitoris is stimulated through the vaginal lining during sexual intercourse ”.

4. The clitoris also has erections

Like the penis, or almost. When stimulated, the small lips and the inside part of the clitoris fill up with blood, taking on a darker more violet colour. The clitoral complex bloats and can double in size. It’s an erection ! For the anecdote, women have as many nocturnal erections as men during the paradoxical sleeping phase.

5. The clitoris produces repetitive orgasms

222, is the number of consecutive orgasms that a woman had during a masturbation contest in Denmark in 2009 ! Without aiming for a new record, you can easily have multiple orgasms by undergoing stimulation. We would just like make a quick reminder: for men it’s one orgasm and that’s it.
Last major info, Nina Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl focus strive at establishing the truth regarding the vaginal orgasm and the clitoral orgasm. Just remember, there is only one orgasm. As such, the vagina is almost insensitive. In fact, less than ⅓ of women actually have an orgasm during intercourse that only involves the vagina. And guess what makes the difference? The exact position of the clitoris head. Located near the vagina, it favours the vaginal orgasm. But not all women have this stroke of luck…

les joie d en bas clitoris book written by Nina Brochmann et Ellen Støkken Dahl

Taken from The Wonder down Under by Nina Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl, published by Editions Acte Sud, €22.50.

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