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Bam Un Karaoke Tres Glamour Land Barbarasiegel

Cool, karaoke is hype. If you want to sing a tune with the gals and scream in unison « don’t worry be happy» or a tube by Spice Girls without necessarily finding yourself in a dismal Asian karaoke of Belleville or Châtelet, we have found your trendy venue in the 9th...

A clever entrepreneur was inspired by the Karaoke Box that are a big hit in Asia and imported the concept in France. From the street, impossible to know there is a secret music box hidden here.

First of all you walk into an ultra-stylish, divinely decorated cocktails bar that is a little like a speakeasy. The must? Sipping a Lady Gaga cocktail with cotton candy, vodka and Perrier (8€)

In every little corner you find doors leading to fabulous sound-proof cabins in which you can pile into with the gals to sip small potions and sing at the top of your lungs the fave tubes from Lady Gaga to Souchon including Madonna, Gainsbourg and Booba. In total, more than 7000 titles. A great venue that will satisfy a wide array of tastes: kitsch, trendy, rock rap & co.

Tip top: a must for birthdays, bachelorette & co evenings in an über glam’ and trendy venue that does not cost a dime.

How does it work? Karaoke salons (for 8, 10, 12, 15 persons) can be privatized for 2-hour sessions starting at 12 euros per person for a 2 h session.


Open Wednesday to Saturday 4h30 pm to 1h30am

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Where to find it?


30 rue Richer

75009 Paris

01 48 00 94 65

Cadet Cadet

Grands Boulevards Grands Boulevards

Grands Boulevards Grands Boulevards

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