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Freedom! After months off the radar confined in closed shoes, our feet can finally breathe in the open air. But before going out in the open, a check-up is essential. The sublime Matilde Simone , retail model for Louboutin , Jimmy Choo or Patricia Blanchet , reveals her pro tips for having the prettiest toes in the capital.

1. We say ciao to stilettos

Why: Because they unbalance the weight of the body forward and put intense pressure on the metatarsus. This bad posture leads to minor sores over time: hallux valgus, blisters, ingrown nails… or even more serious pain in the knees and lower back.

The good reflex: Opt for the dish, but not too much. Ballerinas, flip-flops and sandals do not do the job: their ultra-thin soles do not absorb shocks well and do not properly support the ankle. Maximum height allowed: 5 cm. That 's good: the trend of low-heeled sandals is all the rage this summer.

The choice of the top: The Parisian eco-responsible label Nomasei founded by Marine Braquet and Paule Tenaillon, two ex-Chloé. Shoes with perfect lines spotted in Emily in Paris , cozy like slippers with their padded memory foam soles.

2. We avoid walking barefoot

Why: Do you like to walk barefoot to feel the cool grass or warm sand under your feet? Unhappy! Sworn enemy of fairy feet: plantar hyperkeratosis (in other words: the horn) is caused by the repeated friction of the epidermis on the ground. In short: the longer you hang out without slippers, the more the stratum corneum thickens to protect itself. The rest, we know it: cracks, cracks and rough skin galore.

The trick of the top: No magic recipe: to keep the foot smooth and frequentable in all seasons, protect your pads, even indoors. Like Matilde, we put on slippers as soon as we cross the threshold of the house. Wanted : slippers . In addition to being stylish, these so British slippers hold the heel well and limit the formation of calluses. Forgotten: Ugg -type lined slippers , real fungus nests.

And when the damage is done? Exit pumice stone and grater, too abrasive, we dabble in a hot foot bath with baking soda added to soften the flesh.

3. We moisturize EVERY DAY that God makes

Why: Unlike the rest of the body, the feet lack oil-rich sebaceous glands that nourish the skin. They are therefore naturally very dry, and in summer the salt+sea+sand combo does not help matters.

The right reflex: Hy-dra-ta-tion. This is THE golden rule to apply all year round and not just when the good weather approaches. There again no mystery, it is the regularity that pays.

The tip of the top: Taken from my friend Elsa Deslandes , manicure pedicure studio: massage after the shower, emphasizing the support areas: heels, forefoot, toes. It made all the difference. And once a month, we unsheath the shock treatment: homemade scrub with fine salt and olive oil and cellophane wrap with an ultra-oily soft cream.

The right product: L'Occitane 's ultra-rich shea body cream, a must for thirsty skin.

4. Cut your nails square

Why: All podiatrists will tell you: taking care of your feet also means knowing how to cut - correctly - your nails. The fatal mistake: cut too short or rounded. By pushing back under the flesh, the nail risks incarnating, and this is the tragedy.

The right reflex: To avoid carnage, always let your nails protrude by 2 or 3 mm. As for the cuticles: no touch. These little skins act as a barrier to germs. By cutting them, you expose yourself to an infection, which can degenerate into paronychia. We just soften with an emollient oil and push back (delicately) with a boxwood stick.

The trick of the top: The square cut which is the natural shape of the nail. Then, slightly soften the edges with a file , always working in the same direction, from bottom to top.

5. Treat yourself to a professional salon treatment

Why: To repair brittle, ridged or split nails, and boost growth.

The top's address: Gloss'up , the Marais beauty bar well known to nail addicts for its state-of-the-art protocols (calluspeeling, russian pedi, mavex spa, etc.) and expert pedicures. SOS nail care in distress: Japanese detox, the wow ritual to deeply nourish nails. After light polishing to remove dead cells, the technician applies a paste based on beeswax and natural active ingredients (algae, bamboo, red tea, zinc, etc.) which penetrates the heart of the scales. We come out with baby feet. Magical !

Also discover the best care to offer your feet for sunny days and the low-heeled sandals that are all good .

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