The plain vodka that mixologists are raving about

Belvedere Organic Vodka

It is the new snobbery that is driving the cocktail world into a panic ... A green phenomenon in line with the craze for natural wines and the obsession for beautiful products!

Belvedere, an organic vodka Made With Nature

Things are moving in the world of premium spirits and so much the better! This is evidenced by the organic, ultra-clean and very committed approach of Belvedere , which reinvents the codes of the Polish vodka of excellence, and whose Made With Nature signature fully reflects the mood.

Despite growing consumer interest, organic products are becoming scarce in the spirits industry ,” said Rodney William , CEO of Belvedere.

The secret of this exceptional bottle? An equation as close as possible to nature and its constituent elements: an organic cereal with perfect traceability + purified and filtered water + fire distillation provided by the ancestral know-how of the most advanced master distillers.

At the heart of this ultra-demanding sourcing alcohol: Polish rye , a cereal with ancient roots that perfectly expresses the Polish terroir, all cultivated by eight small local producers for the sake of maximum transparency.

Cocktails borrowed from naturalness

This bottle with its strong character and unparalleled purity make it the star ingredient for making extraordinary exclusive potions, like Judicaël Noël , head barman of 8 at Mandarin Oriental .

This summer, he imagined for the palace's very fashionable terrace the Sakura Blossom made with lemon juice and Japanese cherry blossom syrup or the Envol with verjuice, apricot brandy and a tonic. Unique cocktails in the world that reflect the excellence of this unique vodka.

Another breaking news: the launch of a range of flavored vodka, Belvedere Organic Fusion : 3 unique, fresh and elegant creations in organic production, cultivated without pesticides, additives or chemicals, in the most natural essence of this elixir. Something to delight mixologists and wine merchants keen on naturalness!

The result is Blackberry & Lemongrass vodka which divinely infiltrates a French Spritz. Pear & Ginger vodka which is ideally twisted with a tonic in a highball glass. And the freshness of Lemon & Basil infused vodka, the other perfect ingredient in a champagne cocktail. In short: the new favorite cocktails of Parisiennes.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

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