The healthy buzzing drink

The Healthy Bos

Your icebox is going to suddenly feature colours. Maybe you have already noticed these flashy soda cans in trendy Parisian cantinas or on Instagram. In addition to their furiously pop and stylish look, BOS ice teas are organic and filled with benefits.

Their particularity? They are prepared with organic rooibos cultivated in South Africa, in a natural reserve of the Cederberg mountains. As a reminder, this small tree, also known under the name red tea, contains no trace of theine and is super rich in anti-oxidants, which makes it a strong ally during the entire day, in the office as well as at a party.

And to make it even more fun and gourmet, BOS adds excerpts of 100 % natural fruit: lemon, yuzu, peach, red fruit… Result, its ice rooibos are weak in sugar, without colouring nor preservatives. A healthy drink in a stylish can? The perfect alternative to sodas we are quite tired of drinking.

You feel like testing? BOS is offering you a tasting pack.

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