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Clande V2

Well hidden, purposely discrete, delicious and resolutely accessible, this hangout is very appealing.   But not that new since the former Clandestino, the ephemeral restaurant that created a buzz several months ago.

This UFO table, originally launched by architect Marcelo Joulia for the team of his agency, is now open all the time, to all. The owner picked an amusing Sixties revival decor with banquettes in red faux-leather, retro lighting fixtures and vintage chairs.

At the ovens, Japanese  chef Masayuki Shibuya (ex Mirazur in Menton) shakes up bistro classics: a stunning soup of tomato, mozzarella, cucumbers; carpaccio of mackerel ; fab matured beef from de Galiia; impeccable beryx (fish) in a clam broth. Their milk ice cream gives you the shivers and the chocolate cake will send you soaring (lunch menu starting at 17€).

In the evening, single menu with appetizer + 2 starters + 2 mains + 2 desserts in the same spirit (55,50€).

Open Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 4pm and 8pm to 10:30pm.

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Where to find it?


8, rue Crozatier

75012 Paris

09 80 68 08 08

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Reuilly-diderot Reuilly-diderot

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