Do you know Airbnb for pools?

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All those spending the summer in Paris are hypocritical enough to say it’s wonderful. Except that when it gets very hot, we are all ready to sell our souls for a dip in a pool that is not filled with kids. And without a swimming bonnet, if you please.

Phew! You don't have to marry a rich heir to treat yourself to a day in the sun. The Swimmy and Louer une piscine platforms are veritable Airbnb for swimming pools, allowing you to rent out private swimming pools around Paris (or even in Paris!) for the day, and indeed anywhere in France. Of course, the owners are usually present on site, but only to guide you or provide you with what you need... not to spook you! The garden is yours !

How to use it?

Create a Facebook conversation with a group of buddies, minimum 6 in general. Pick a date (careful, on weekends everything is taken very quickly!) and choose the pool you like the most, starting at €12 per person for a half day, but more €25-30 for the most beautiful.

You'll also have to pay a 20% commission for Swimmy, or a possible deposit check left to the owner's discretion for Louerunepiscine. To rent a pool, check the itinerary from Paris and book with the owner, making sure he hasn't put other groups on the same reservation. Dumb as a post!

Tops: some hosts even offer to take care of lunch so you can show up empty handed (except for your swimsuit and towel, obviously) and simply settle in a deckchair. Otherwise, many are happy to lend their plancha or BBQ for a real holiday spirit. Joy…

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