Disjointed, the new smoke-filled series

Disjointed Serie

Game of Thrones, season 7, is over? Don’t panic, we have spotted for you a very relaxing series that is going to make you forget Jon Snow and the evil marchers. Netflix is airing Disjointed, the daily routine at a marijuana center in California. Four good reasons to watch it!

Lots of VIP and BP

Drugs are bad! From Breaking Bad to Weeds, as well as The Wire, Narcos (even Dr House, since we’re dropping names, shot up with Vicodin)… they always attract a lot of problems. But when Chuck Lorre —the creator of Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory…—takes on the subject, the result is a hilarious and off-the-wall show. The pitch: Ruth Feldman (starring Oscar winner Kathy Bates), lawyer and pro cannabis supporter, opens her commerce in California (where the therapeutic use of grass is legal). With her team (Olivia and Jenny, salesgirls-testers, Pete, horticulturalist who speaks to his plants, Travis, his university graduate   Carter, the hefty bouncer), she spreads the good word: smoking is healthy!

Off-beat humour

Spoiler alert: Disjointed will not make you high. On the other hand, you will probably be in stitches (all this very soberly). Each episode (30 minutes) has a good number of killer one-liners, in the purest tradition of US sitcoms (laugh tracks and studio decors included). The dialogs are well written, the characters very endearing (each one with their own issues) and while smoking is the central theme, the entire humour of the series resides more in the interactions between the protagonists and the edgy comments (the smoke filled business of Ruth in a puritanical America).

Tested under medical supervision

In terms of the writing, the producers called upon Dina Browner, aka Dr Dina. Name the real Nancy Botwin (she inspired the leading part of the series Weeds), this ex-desperate housewife opened the first medical centers in LA, after helping a friend suffering from  cancer. In Hollywood, showbiz cannot get enough of this lovely brunette originally from an upscale district. On the Instagram, she poses with Whoopi Goldberg (big defender of the cause) and Snoop Dogg, that made her smoke her first joint. The girly cannabis attitude.

Increased reality? No, an enriched series!

Were the scriptwriters high? The question comes to mind while watching some of the really ditzy scenes (almost WTF) that set the rhythm of the intrigue: sushi, avalanches, jackhammer (?!?)… Humouristic bonuses also pop up in each episode: fake ads (the «shaving weedfoam» infused with marijuana), animated clips, parodies of teleshopping (the butter weed robot) and the Youtube sequence « The daily variety » where the staff promotes in-house creations… Welcome to the era of increased series!

Verdict: We are total fans! Filled with humour and discoveries, Disjointed, is the cute comedy you will soon be hooked to. Sold legally on Netflix.

Céline Dassonville

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