What is Fresh, the ultra-provoking thriller starring Daisy Edgar-Jones worth?


Sensitive souls, abstain… Fresh , the new ultra-effective achievement of Disney +, shakes up the codes of horror and has something to make the most seasoned of us tremble with fear. Mimi Cave signs a high quality thriller to the tunes of Gone Girl , with Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan , available on the platform from this Friday, March 4.

Watch out, it's going to bleed!

Noa is tired of the monotony of dating sites , almost automatically scrolling through the profiles of men across the country depresses her. Like many women, she's tired of a series of painfully screwed up dates and comes to believe that true love isn't for her. Until the day when, in an aisle of a supermarket, she meets Steve. On a whim, she gives him her number and agrees to see him again. Steve is lovely. He is a pretty boy, kind, intelligent, full of humor and talent. He comes from Texas (that, we forgive him) is a plastic surgeon and maintains such a love for animals that he has stopped eating them. Charming, isn't it? In short, Steve is a nice vegetarian . How not to fall under its spell?

After several promising meetings, Noa is bewitched by this very attractive man and agrees to go away with him for a weekend. If her best friend Molly seems somewhat reluctant to face this meeting which she finds hasty, Noa wishes to live a new experience. The young woman is served! As she finds herself handcuffed in a room, she discovers that her new lover has an insatiable and unusual appetite.

Addictive from start to finish

The first moments of the film are just awkward enough to make us understand that the director will not stop there. You just have to pass the 33rd minute for everything to change, for the heart to start beating faster and for it to become almost impossible to take your eyes off the screen. A simple warning seems important: you have to have a strong heart, some scenes are quite violent and will shock even the most insensitive.

The producers of Don't Look Up have, to do this, appealed to a duo of actors of extreme talent. After having charmed the world of cinema by embodying the character of Marianne in Normal People , Daisy Edgar-Jones gives herself body and soul in Fresh . Alongside him, as the charming Steve, is Sebastian Stan , recently seen as Tommy Lee in the Pam & Tommy series on Disney+ . The duo is accompanied by actors Jojo T. Gibbs (the Twenties series ), Dayo Okeniyi ( Hunger Games ) but also, more surprisingly, Charlotte Le Bon ( Yves Saint Laurent ).

A reflection on the precariousness of modern relationships

Mimi Cave signs here her first feature film. She brilliantly diverts the codes of the horror thriller. Both provocative and destabilizing, the film explores the genres of romance whose codes it diverts, black comedy in which it fully anchors itself and horror, which we discover with astonishment after several minutes of the film. .

In line with Modern Love , L'Arnaqueur de Tinder or the documentary L'Amour sous Algorithme , Fresh plays with the codes of romantic film and gives, in a completely unique way, his point of view on the precariousness of meetings. in love today. Finding love today can seem mission impossible or at least be quite brutal. It is not Noa who will say the opposite. Fresh deepens relationships via dating applications but also the more or less beautiful encounters that can be made thanks to - or because of - them. The thriller gives us food for thought on the pretense of the relationships that are created and settled via applications on which we are obviously forced to sell ourselves to please.

Already available on Disney+

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