Cruel Summer: What Is Jessica Biel's Thriller Series Worth?

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In the summer saga category to binge-watcher coming home from the beach, I ask? Jessica Biel's new series on Amazon Prime Video! The tone is set with Cruel Summer , this thriller for young adults which should blow up all audiences when it comes out on August 6.

Cruel Summer

If you liked 13 reasons why , the hit series on the mysterious disappearance of a teenager.

In 1993 in the small town of Skylin, Texas , Kate Wallis ( Olivia Holt ), the most beloved teen in her high school, disappeared at the same time as Jeanette Turner ( Chiara Aurelia ), nerdy, shy and awkward, suddenly became the city icon. And for good reason: she literally stole the life of Kate, from her boyfriend Jamie to her two BFFs to her popularity rating ... A few months later, Kate, whom everyone believes dead, is found in the basement of the new high school vice principal aka Martin Harris ( Blake Lee ). Everything points to Jeanette, who becomes the laughing stock of the country and goes to hide in a secluded apartment where she replayed all the tapes on Kate's disappearance. Meanwhile, Kate prepares to go public with everything she saw and heard while in confinement. His version of the facts: Jeanette, aware of his disappearance, would have let him languish at her kidnapper. She denies everything altogether. It remains to be seen who is telling the truth?

Its cool potential ? After the success of her series The Sinner , Jessica Biel takes the helm of Cruel Summer which arrives on August 6 on Amazon Prime Video . Fun fact , she was scheduled to play the role of Jeanette's mother (ultimately played by Sarah Drew from Grey's Anatomy ), but she preferred to leave the two lead actresses, Olivia Holt (heroine of Marvel's Cloak and Dagger ) and Kiara Aurelia ( Fear Street ) play the headliners. Deep in the phenomenon of successful teen dramas like Riverdale , Sex Education , Elite or Panic , Cruel Summer is already showing off as the new star saga of the summer. Between identity crisis, existential questions and rivalries, Jessica Biel highlights the complexity of life in high school. As intriguing as they are exciting, the 10 30-minute episodes play with flashbacks to immerse us more deeply into the lives of the characters. Impossible to pick up!

August 6 on Amazon Prime Video

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