The Return of True Detective with Jodie Foster

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RED ALERT! The highly anticipated fourth season of True Detective has just been released on Prime Video (via the Warner Pass). Now written and directed by Issa López, the series True Detective: Night Country immerses viewers in a mystery as chilling as it is mysterious in the heart of Alaska, alongside the masterful Jodie Foster. Brace yourselves, it's a heavyweight!


An Icy and Thrilling Crime Drama

In the small village of Ennis, Alaska, the eight scientists from the Tsalal research station disappear without a trace, leaving only a half-empty beer, Ferris Bueller playing in the background, and a severed tongue on the floor. As a long winter night begins (a period without sunlight around the winter solstice), the gruff detective Lizz Danvers is tasked with this haunting investigation that grips the town.

To solve the case, she reluctantly teams up with her former colleague, Evangeline Navarro, a fiery character from the Native American community. Navarro has never forgiven Danvers for the unsolved murder of a young indigenous woman and quickly links this case to the disappearance of the scientists, with visions, ghosts, and mysterious symbols entering this hostile and hypnotic environment.

And for good reason. The fictional town of Ennis is a remote territory deep in Alaska, amidst glaciers, where the unforgiving polar night reigns supreme over this vast land. Soon, the landmarks blur: day and night blend without the viewer knowing exactly how many hours or even days have passed in the plot, intensifying the tension that only increases over the six episodes of this series veering towards mystique and horror. We want more!


A Formidable Female Duo

Gone are Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams, Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff: make way for Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, an unlikely duo of powerful women. Still as magnetic and charismatic, Jodie Foster proves to be the pillar of this new season. The queen of the seventh art throws herself wholeheartedly into the role of this detestable detective, whose unwavering commitment to solving these murders hides an old trauma.

Facing the two-time Oscar-winning actress we all know, Kali Reis takes her first steps into a series after being the boxing world champion in 2020. The former athlete brilliantly transitions into the role of a tortured cop with a fighter's body, whose armor cracks gradually as her personal life explodes and she struggles to embrace her cultural heritage. A major revelation in Night Country, Kali Reis holds her own against Jodie Foster and knocks out female stereotypes with her coldness and physique, rarely seen on television and in movies. Despite their differences, this duo works so seamlessly that it becomes essential to this new season of True Detective. A masterful return that will delight longtime fans.

True Detective: Night Country, one episode available every Monday on Prime Video via the Warner Pass starting from January 15.

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