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What if we took advantage of the confinement to review vintage masterpieces from the series? Xavier Leherpeur , famous critic and creator of the show Une hour en série on France Inter , deciphers the most anticipated series with a group of specialists. Latest episode to date: the team's awesome TOP 20 . Xavier Leherpeur reveals 7 nuggets to absolutely review.

In the “sitcom” category: Les Saintes Chéries and Absolutely Fabulous

There are two comedies that I adore and which are the opposite of each other, but with feminist characters as a common point ,” laughs Xavier Leherpeur.

The Holy Darlings

Série Les Saintes Chéries avec Micheline Presle et Daniel Gélin

The pitch. Welcome to My Beloved Witch made in France. “ It's a French television series with Micheline Presle in the 60s which features Eve married with Pierre Lagarde ( Pierre Gelin ). She is the housewife, he, the man who works: we are in a dated sociological evocation ... Except that it is the formidable Nicole de Buron who writes it, and it is terribly funny! Because from her little caulked interior, Eve makes a wind of autonomy reign and turns all the patriarchal clichés upside down…

Why you absolutely must (re) see it.While she is organizing the resistance, her husband, basically, finds himself with very limited power… At a time when we consider that a woman who drives is a disaster, she makes guys do whatever pisses her off. , like slots, park your car. She takes revenge on men and asserts her power in her own way and with humor! Until the end of the 3 rd season, where she enters the world of work and overturns all the clichés of the time . ” laughs Xavier Leherpeur .

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Absolutely Fabulous

Série absolutely fabulous avec Jennifer Saunders et Johanna Lumley

The pitch. Once upon a time ... the ruthless universe of Patsy Stone , fashion journalist “ who has not eaten since 1973 ” and her best friend, Edina , famous London PR in the 90's. “ Here is an ancestor of Ten percent in much more interesting where the stars already play their own roles: Elton John , Naomi Campbell or Christian Lacroix … Here, the women have clearly taken the power, starting with the main character Patsy, who is an Anna Wintour in worse… ”, explains Xavier Leherpeur.

Why you absolutely must (re) see it.This series is a real turning point in the history of television. It's trashy, ass and raw and yet produced by ... the very serious BBC . Women fuck men and fight against the imperatives of the body in a diet cigarettes, drugs and Diet Coke. We have never done so sassy, funny and nasty as this British series ” , enthuses Xavier Leherpeur.

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In the genre “societal detective series”: The Wire

Série the wire avec Dominic West et Michael K Williams

The pitch. It is almost impossible to summarize this immense HBO fiction based in Baltimore, created by David Simon , unanimously hailed by the critics and true cultural reference of the suburbs and the rap… This choral series brings together the narcotics brigade and the criminal around drug trafficking with masterful actors.

Why you absolutely must (re) see it. “The Wire is a major sociological and political reflection on the forgotten and neglected cities, out of American“ care ”, where corruption and drugs reign. There are complex characters that we had never seen anywhere, like a black and gay drug dealer! Another singularity: the series never repeats itself. With each episode, the story is told from a new perspective. It has become classic but it breaks the classic American dichotomy: we come out of the good and the bad typical of the American landscape. Great ”, absolutely recommends Xavier.

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In the “fantastic” world: Buffy the vampire slayer

Série buffy contre les vampires avec Sarah Michelle Gellar

The pitch. Once upon a time ... a vampire slayer. Buffy Summers (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar ), a high school student in Sunnydale, battles the forces of evil with her BFF witch Willow Rosenberg and her pal Alexander. A true Romeo and Juliet fantasy, Buffy falls in love with Angel, a vampire endowed with a soul: an impossible love… “ The creator of the series Joss Whedon knew how to create extraordinary atmospheres, from the homage to the B series to the stories fantastic with very little means ”, explains Xavier Leherpeur. " It is also a rebellious series, which dared to denounce Thanksgiving through the character of Willow who shouts at the fact that each year we celebrate a real genocide."

Why you absolutely must (re) see it.This is the key series of the '90s, long despised and labeled as a teen series by scholars who had not seen it. But it is actually a very erudite and avant-garde fiction: from the 2 nd season, the series tells the real sexuality of youth, far from cute little loves, it's never seen on TV! The remarkably written Willow's Homosexuality is a first in a series that does not deal with the subject. In Buffy , we also talk about harassment, about different kids being attacked. The key episode that upset me: Buffy finds herself in a psychiatric hospital… It reveals the hypothesis of the heroine's schizophrenia who would have an imaginary double life ”, confides Xavier Leherpeur.

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In the world of prison: Oz and The Prisoner

In this period of confinement, it's impossible not to focus on the two masterpieces of the prison world…”, laughs Xavier Leherpeur .


Série oz avec Dean Winters et J.K Simmons

The pitch. Founded in 1997 by Tom Fontana , Oz is none other than the nickname Oswald State Correctional Facility , a high security prison. His particuliarity ? The presence of a pilot and experimental district within the detention center: Em City, where more violent criminals meet. A real phenomenon at the time, this very colorful series welcomes among others the biggest names in rap as guests.

Why you absolutely must (re) see it.It's a series that looks a lot like America's Trump , a microcosm of the United States and its inherent violence. The dramaturgy of this closed door in 6 seasons is constantly reinvented with very lucid elements of the prison universe: sexuality, drug trafficking, the balance of power between Aryan gangs in the face of blacks who refuse white supremacy, innocent people who themselves become tyrants in order to survive and secondary characters like a good sister and a priest who want to bring humanity back to this hell but find themselves trapped ”, marvels Xavier Leherpeur .

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The prisoner

Série Le Prisonnier avec Patrick McGoohan et Angelo Muscat

The pitch. This British intellectual fetish series, which has literally traumatized a generation, was created by the writer and former secret service agent George Markstein and Patrick McGoohan , the main actor of this “ masterpiece in 17 episodes ”, as the describes Xavier Leherpeur… The spy wakes up one morning a prisoner in a village on an island, from which he will never manage to escape. Every inhabitant has a number - he's number six. Hence this cult replica. “ I am not a number, I am a free man!

Why you absolutely must (re) see it.It's a founding series around paranoia stylized to the extreme after the Cold War. A secret agent is kidnapped. We will never know by whom… Everything is disturbing while the setting is solar and colorful. It is an immense fiction on depersonalization, with the climax of the episode where Patrick Mcgoohan confronts us with his double. It is dizzyingly disturbing . ”

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In the “unclassifiable” spirit: Bowler hat and leather boots

Série chapeau melon et bottes de cuire avec Patrick Macnee et Diana Rigg

The pitch . A British secret service agent in the 60's, John Steed solves investigations with the help of his successive assistants. “ It is one of the greatest series of all time which was produced without means but is very creative! There is everything in this soap: feminism before its time, the stylization of the staging, the intelligence of the scenarios… We go from SF to classic espionage, it's timeless and it hasn't aged a bit! ”, Explains Xavier Leherpeur.

Why you absolutely must (re) see it.Here is a series which understood that women were changing their status and were going to change the world. Emma Peel is already girl power long before its time. She clearly mocks the dusty England of the time against Swinging London . The great success? We are always on the verge of the object woman, but each episode turns the situation around and in the end it is John Steed who finds himself as an object man. Patrick Macnee, learning of the departure of his sidekick after the first season, demands that he be replaced by an actress who dominates him on all levels, at a time when a woman was always the foil of the heroes. And here he is in a duo with sublime and smart girls, dressed in leather, latex and neoprene, very daring, for the time… ”, analyzes Xavier Leherpeur.

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