How to own a sweater worthy of Chanel?

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The genius of style is not the preserve of luxury homes . With a little daring and three francs six sous, it is definitely possible to own a waistcoat that seems straight out of Karl Lagerfeld . Manual.

Start from a good basic

Pick your favorite blanket cardigan from the back of your wardrobe . Have moths been there before? Head to Uniqlo (€ 99.90) or From Future (€ 99) to find a basic in cashmere or outright in angora. Or find a coin on Vinted (50 €) ready to play the customization game.

The important thing: to favor the cut , the color and the material . If in doubt: we prefer it camel, navy blue or pearl gray, always without error. Now is the time to pimp him into serious matters.

The aristocratize beautiful threads and sewing buttons

The signature of a couture garment ? It's all in the detail. You will get it by swapping basic finishes for a series of button-jewels found in the Mecca of the Parisian haberdashery . We rummage around the threads , ribbons and pearls to perfect the customization of the vest . The must ? The embroidery with sequins around the lapel and cuffs.

The best places to find beautiful buttons and accessories.

  • The drugstore , at the Halles 9 rue du Jour, Paris 1er. 01 45 08 93 27
  • Boutonnière-Mireille , 21 rue des Petits Carreaux, Paris 2nd. 01 42 36 37 36

Treat yourself to a good seamstress or retoucher

Let’s be honest. You have neither the time nor the inclination to talk rag. Better to outsource the operation to a small local retouching craftsman or better to a charity . The seamstress will embroider the collar and armholes of the waistcoat with golden thread or satin ribbon, before sewing the treasure buttons… The case will save you a lot of time and a good conscience. This Chanel sweater , you almost have it!

  • Jasmine, 11 rue Charlot, Paris 3rd. 09 81 84 70 05
  • Retoucherie Gomi, 17 avenue d'Italie, Paris 3rd. 09 84 46 59 19


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