3 star massages to get your glow back fast


No more grey complexions, new small wrinkles and that tired gaze? We want to look fresh! In 2018, we are telling you, there will be no more problems, just solutions… Since we are on the subject : 3 amazing and exclusive therapies that are going to detox and pimp your glow+ your morale in 1 hour flat. Bingo !

The most “amazing”

massage guerlain institut

Zoom on the “body lift at Institut Guerlain a real “body building” and face lift ! Like a cardio session, this beauty massage makes your muscles work. A treatment of the new beauty sessions dedicated to “La Parisienne”, conceived for working girls (like us) who need really efficient and couture parenthesis.

The protocol. Princess-time guaranteed. After being pampered with tea and Guy Martin pastries in the small salon, you will be placed in one of the absolutely divine cabins of the Institut Guerlain. This is when the physio-therapist begins the work. Soft at first, comfortably settled in the silk sheets, she undergoes makeup removal. Then the serious stuff begins. You better not be too touchy ! Like a sports session, muscles are really solicited, and you can feel the expert magic fingers… They unwind, restructure, smooth and repulp. Just before a very moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid magic patches that smooth the gaze and give you a doll-like complexion. Before leaving, you will be carefully made up and perfumed…you can even use the shower space (if you need to change)...

At the key. You look like another person. Immediate lifting effect (and it lasts a few days). Ideal if you have an appointment and you want to seem younger and more spiffy than ever. Frankly, the investment is really worth it.

Beauty Lift 150€ for a 45 minute treatment, every day at Institut Guerlain, 68 Champs Élysées, 75008 Paris. www.guerlain.com

The most ancestral

free percephone institut

© Nathalie Baetens

Zoom on the Japanese Garden, the real Kobido treatment, an ancestral treatment, that goes back more than 500 years, considered as the ultimate anti-age of geishas, that is practically exclusively done in Paris at the Spa Free Persephone, where the beautician is one of the rare students, trained in person by Dr Shogo Mochizuki, doctor and specialist of the Japanese massage, master of the twenty-sixth generation of the Kobido house. In short you are in the hands of a pro!

The protocol. It just happens that kobido adapts to each face, its needs and its energies without a determined protocol, in order to determine for each one the best movements to reaffirm the face. The treatment with organic oil began with a massage on very relaxing shoulders. On the face, the beautician stimulates by acupression the different points of the meridians with the different techniques and variations of rhythm, the sensation alternates between Yang with the dynamism of percussions and vibrations, and Yin calming smoothing, while favouring the production of collagen… CQFD.

At the key. It feels like coming back from holidays with a fresh complexion and relaxed facial expressions. The perfect treatment to assuage work pressures and bad hangovers.

Japanese garden €96 the 50 mn treatment. Every day. 66 Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris, 01 42 22 13 04, www.freepersephone.com

The most “star”

les mains d'odile institut

Zoom on the pouch treatment at Les Mains d’Odile, the masseuse of the stars, who pampers the faces of Carole Bouquet and Isabelle Adjani (which says it all !) in her Parisian cabin/apartment. She has just conceived a new treatment with warm pouches, whose regenerating effect is instantaneous.

The protocol. Freely inspired by a traditional Thai modeling technique, the particularity of this protocol is based on the use of small cotton ouches filled with beneficial plants and spices : a clever mix of essential oils concocted by Odile in person: sesame seeds to soothe muscular pains, curcuma for brightness, myrrh for its anti-inflammatory action … Under the effect of heat, the pouches liberate the actives. After removing makeup, Odile applies them by putting pressure on the energy points of the face. Once the muscles are relaxes, the deep massage allows to eliminate toxins and stimulates circulation.

At the key: your facial expression is softened, your complexion is brighter, the face is repulped and the distressing effect is global. To be noted, this treatment is particularly efficient in case of recurrent redness or rosaceous acne.

Soin aux pochons 1h, €155 Monday to Friday.

Les Mains d’Odile 3, rue Tronchet, 75009 Paris. 01 40 07 12 78 www.esmainsdodile.fr

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