The massage to avoid for your brain to explode

Massage Cranien Yang Ju

“I am on the edge of a burn out. “
“I have bags under my eyes”
“I have insomnia”
“Do you have a magic pill ?”


If you repeat more than twice a week one of these sentences, we have the must-try therapy to boost you back into shape and avoid the total burnout of the stressed out Parisienne.

Luckily we have La Maison du Tuina, the major players when it comes to Chinese medicine in Paris, true kings of slow life, a therapeutic message, a hollistic approach to set forth a terrific new protocole to soothe your super active brain and allow your body to get some rest.

A winning therapy

“Thanks to the precision of acupuncture points stimulated during a treatment session, the Yang Ju massage has true benefits on headaches and migraines…explains the founder who spent several months imagining this new treatment.

Everything begins with the main points of acupuncture from head to foot in order to free tensions before concentrating on forearms . Explanations. “Each hand has a dozen point of powerful actions, particularly between the thumb and the index to soothe headaches and other pains such as sinusitis and odontalgia.

The practitioner then relaxes the neck before concentrating on the skull,alternating deep acupression techniques, then lighter ones on the top of the head and the temples tin order to unwind the congested areas but also to stimulate certain points that allow to calm the spirit and improve blood and energy flow (IQ) at the head level…

Goodbye: headaches, feeling like commiting suicide at breakfast and bursting into tears faced with the hundred of accumulated messages. Soon to be yours: a big smile, a great night of sleep and a wonderful complexion the next day.

YANG JU skull massage. €75 for a 50 minute session.

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