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Her patients are called Carole Bouquet, Isabelle Adjani or Miss Everybody. All of them turn over their body and/or their pretty faces to this masseuse with magic fingers filled with softness and goodwill. Her super power? Odile manages to redesign a silhouette, sculpt a waist, erase a tummy, model legs and smooth a face with simple painless gestures.

Les mains d'Odile, my personal boudoir for customized massages

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CV: I trained as a masseuse physiotherapist and have a beautician diploma. Massage has always been my strong point. I worked during several years for prestigious brands in Swiss clinics, then at the Yves Saint Laurent institute. Today, I work as a physiotherapist masseuse.

My massages: I only do personalized face and/or body treatments.

For whom? All those who want to slim down: cellulite, water retention, ungracious flab, circulation and vein issues, heavy legs, loss of leg, tummy and arm tone.

In terms of the face, I intervene on: loss of glow, sagging skin, bags under the eyes, lack of collagen and all the signs of ageing due to wrinkles.

Results? True well-being, my massages are totally painless and the results are often spectacular. I only do useful massages! Carole Bouquet is part of my faithful followers, I essentially take care of her face.

Where? Patients come to my apartment, a warm and intimate space.

The price: Starting at 95 euros.

Sos heavy legs

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Don’t just stand there, react and move! The ideal solution is to have regular massages to reactivate circulation.

Try to walk at least 20 minutes per day with good shoes. And think of controlling the position of your feet. Sometimes you just need to slip small orthopedic soles in your shoes to alleviate heavy legs.

If needed, wear special support hosiery that nobody will notice. They have considerable improved and no longer have anything to do with the horrible skin colored stockings of a few years ago.

The cold jet under the shower is a well-known trick, but it always works. And when you are at home, set yourself up with your legs raised. Careful, the heel must be higher than the knee and the knee higher than the hip.

An instantly flat tummy

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For your body to feel right, you must start off with a good posture. It immediately gives definite allure.

You want that annoying tummy to disappear? Nothing can be more simple. Place yourself in front of a mirror. Pull in your stomach and your perineum (tighten at the anus level). This gives inner muscle tone and avoids pelvic organ descent, as opposed to crunches during ab workout.

To slim down, walk !

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Walking quickly is always a good exercise. It is less violent than running and just as active. It allows you to eliminate toxins and to reposition yourself in space.My advice? Walk at least 20 minutes per day.

To help you, don’t hesitate to consult the iPhone Health app (no need to download, it’s free and appears on your iPhone) or another app that calculates the number of steps, the distance and the duration of your walk. It’s very motivating.

slim down without effort

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Massage yourself regularly, ideally morning and evening, with oil as neutral as possible. You can add a few drops of essential oils depending on your problem.

Ex: cypress with decongesting proprieties to treat vein issues (do not use in case or hormonal problems), lemon tree that has a direct effect on cellulite or the famous everlasting flower for a draining effect …

Gestures are not the same depending on the area to treat. For legs, massages are circulatory, moving up towards the groin. For the tummy, you need to go clockwise, for the rest of the body, there is not really a specific direction. Movements must be deep and rhythmical.

detox operation, how to go about it

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- Absolutely avoid gluten and sugar.

- Wager on detoxifying herbal teas you can find in specialized shops and pharmacies.

-Drink in small quantities during the entire day and wait two hours after meals to drink again.

- Get yourself massaged to drain toxins.

- Walk and get as much air as possible.


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