Perfect hair operation without going to the hairdresser


How to have the most beautiful hair without spending an hour styling it? To finally get Penélope Cruz's gorgeous mane, Beyoncé's unreal curls , Cindy Bruna's perfect wavy, or Zendaya's chameleon hairstyles , here are the best frankly easy products and tools to skip the barber box.

A hairstylist at home

The desired effect: the changes of effects of Zendaya who goes according to her mood and her red carpet from a very smooth ponytail to crazy effects or a small bun raised on the head.

The right tool: the Dyson Airwrap by Dyson (499 €), the secret of professional hairdressers to work miracles on the hair of stars backstage at parades, in a helicopter shoot like a photoshoot in the desert. Straightening, curling, styling, waving, drying: a techno jewel that can do it all.

Manual. With rollers for curling or waving, brushes for straightening and volume, intelligent heat control and an aerodynamic effect that draws hair onto the roller and rolls it up on its own, this high-tech toy mimics blow-drying technique. from a professional hairdresser, all in record time.

The wow effect of the perfect brushing

The desired effect: The incredible volume of Negin Mirsalehi , the star Amsterdam influencer and founder of the honey-based hair care brand Gisou .

The right tools: Forvil Densifying ultra-volumizing shampoo (€ 28), a legendary brand of the 1930s which is relaunched today with 100% natural formulations for an effect that is still spectacular + Texturizing Spray signed Virtue , the product brand ultra-premium biotechnological hair that the stars are snapping up based on an extraordinary ingredient: the famous Alpha Keratin 60Ku ( 28 €) .

Manual. The mix & match of 8 plant extracts, vitaminized white ginseng and guarana in Forvil shampoo gives any flattened hair a Hollywood volume . It is used on wet hair after having emulsified it. Leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. Then dry. To increase volume and shine, offer a sublime texture and a nice movement: spray Virtue spray mist. That's it.

The permanent of modern times

The desired effect : Beyoncé's cult curls .

The right tools: the Christophe Robin Fabulous Curls range, a vegetable blend of Chia seed oil and black seed oil. Its light and non-greasy texture draws sublime curls and photoshop frizz.

Manual. A simple two-step ritual that sublimates naturally wavy or curly hair. We start by applying the washing treatment (32 €) and foaming from roots to ends on wet hair. Emulsify then leave to stand for two minutes. The lengths are disentangled, followed by abundant rinsing. The hair is revitalized. Secondly, we work the Definition cream (€ 27) between the palms of the hands before applying it to towel-dried hair, going from roots to ends and on the hair at the edge. It can be added to dry hair if necessary in touch-up, without putting too much so as not to weigh it down.

A wavy quickly done well at the hairdresser

The desired effect: Caroline Receveur's sexy waves .

The right tool: the Waver wavy iron (€ 69), a magic wand created by Caroline Receveur and a star product from her young brand Osée, which instantly allows you to obtain the star's signature wavy hair.

Manual. Speed as you like when you're a #girlboss in a hurry! It heats up in express mode in 45 seconds flat, the time to obtain a heat adapted to the nature of the hair. The ceramic coated iron is then used on dry hair, which is separated in larger or smaller sections depending on the desired wave, and leaves a wave that is as shiny as it is long-lasting.

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