The Cha Ling Beauty Party at the Apartment of the Parisienne

Cha Ling Beauty Party Fev 2018

Heads up, it’s the not-to-be-missed event...

To inaugurate on a high note The Apartment of the Parisienne by Do it in Paris, the Cha Ling cosmetics house is organizing a fabulous beauty party so that our favourite Parisiennes can discover their new big exclusivity.

Object of all the fantasies? The Eye Tea Bag, a new generation of eye mask that is making all the fashion editors go wild !

Its promise? An assemblage of 3 powders for an immediate anti-fatigue effect ! After using this mask, made with Pu'Er tea, the most organic and pureest from Yunnan, the eye contour is repulped and drained as though by magic...

To test this new best-seller product, come spend a very special “for your eyes only” moment at the Apartment of the Parisienne, to be pampered and smooth your gaze like never before … Definitely a rejuvenation operation.

On the programme of this beauty party in the Marais: a session of meditation in full conscience developed in collaboration with Petit Bambou. Only 10 minutes to have your mask applied, boost your ego and feel good about yourself...

Then, get ready for the beauty routine that will illuminate your gaze: the application of the Cha Ling eye serum, an amazing gel that fills in small wrinkles before applying the eye contour corrective cream.

And in order to have a really glowing complexion: apply the Spring mask, star product of Cha Ling. A real booster after the Winter doldrums in order to have bright and smooth skin.

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The 6th of March at 6:30pm

Cherry on the baba, you will go home with a goody bag...

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