The most sexy love-story of the new literary season

Andy Warhol, Jerry Hall and their friends who make party at club 54 in New York

For sure, « Le dernier des Nôtres », the new novel by Adélaïde de Clermont-Tonnerre, will no doubt be the best seller of this literary season and the winning scenario of the next hot TV series!

Here all the ingredients are combined to keep you spellbound as you read this fabulous saga: a Hitchcock protagonist, an impossible love-story in Manhattan during the 70’s, a thriller tracking down scientific Nazis protected by the NASA, feverish New York parties in Andy Warhol’s Factory, as well as the duel of two enemy brothers… hot stuff !

The pitch? When Werner Zilch, a busy wolf and born seducer, is blown away by the outstanding elegance of Rebecca Lynch, a young and ever so beautiful painter,  he cannot imagine that he has fallen under the spell of the most sought after heiress of New-York. The two inseparables are absolutely not aware that history is going to catch up with their passion …

We like: an easy and sensitive novel, well written and furiously literary that will certainly appeal to brainy Parisiennes as well as all those who are fans of romantic comedies. For sure a high contender in terms of a literary prize!

cover of the book le dernier des notres

Le dernier des nôtres, of Adélaïde de Clermont-Tonnerre, Ed. Grasset, 22 €.

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