Les Crocs des Halles: HQ of carnivores

Watch out, it could be a blood bath! If you already have sat down at the table of L’Ogre and Crocs de l’Ogre, the « newborn » and its 500m², dedicated to great eats, you will not be disappointed.

In either case, be prepared for great food.

Here the name of the game is high quality charcuteries, top notch meats showcased in the window-display.

To warm up your jaws, marrow bone (12€), house terrine (9€) or egg with Spanish ham ( €).

Ready for? Flank steak (16€), hamp (28€), ribs (22€). For the prime ribs (78€) or the milk fed pig (69€), you might need a team mate. Add fries, mashed potatoes or veggies and get ready for a slaughter.

After meats, comes sweets, such as brioche. In this case, baba au rhum, or rum or baba (at this point everything is possible), chocolate mousse (8€). Last but not least, the Paris-Brest (12€).

In the evening, things are jumping at the wine bar hidden in the ground floor, hosting jazz concerts. And on Sunday, the brunch takes on the allures of a Gaul fest (raw meat+charcuterie+cooked meats)+viennoiseries+waffles+drinks (38€).

Open Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 2:30pm and from 8pm to 10:30pm. Brunch from noon to 4pm.

Where to find it ?

Les Crocs des Halles

49 Rue Berger

75001 Paris

01 40 28 00 00

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