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Application Mission Quizz

By the pool, between two planes, on the train, in the queue of a supermarket… going on holidays also entails a great deal of patience, and funnily enough, we have the feeling that patience is not really your strong point.

There is good news: we have just discovered the brand new app that not only allows you to spend time as you wish, makes your brain work as well as your memory, while boosting your general culture.

In short, just the kind of thing you will not be able to live without... Code name? Mission Quiz.

Imagine a set of questions in the spirit of a 2.0 Who is going to make millions TV game or a glamour Trivial Pursuit designed as a Candy Crush quiz..

The cycles of questions are also super cool and deal just as much with US politics, Louboutin, Facebook, cult series or food. No silly guessing game questions nor boring universes … but everything that makes you tilt in real life. Little by little, you score points and gain levels… In short: our new passion.

Mission Quiz: free app to download here on Apple Store and here on Android.

application mission quizz

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