Which pants to choose according to your morphology?


It's not easy to choose perfectly fitted pants when you don't have a top model silhouette. Whether you have a small bottle, a flat or damn padded butt, an androgynous silhouette or saddlebags , you just need to follow a few basic principles to save the furniture according to your morphology and highlight your assets. Demonstration.

I have an androgynous figure

Le Pantalon Tailleurs à pinces de Zapa à 195 € réduits à 136 €

Like Cara Delevingne or Victoria Beckham , my waist is not marked, my shoulders are aligned with my hips, in short, I am an H.

Do: we create an impression of volume from the size. We copy the look of Posh Spice who always chooses his tailored pants low waist, wide cut with marked pleats. An astonishing masculine / feminine that hits the mark to stay stylish in all circumstances.

Don't: high-waisted trousers, which on the contrary risk accentuating the absence of curves.

How to wear wide, low-waisted tailored pants: with a silk shirt or thin jumpers worn a little loose, pumps or a pair of white sneakers.

Pliers cutters , Zapa , 195 € reduced to 136 €

I have saddlebags


Pantalon Richard de la Petite Mendigote à 135 €

Like Beyoncé , my hips are wider than my shoulders, in short, my figure looks like an A, saddlebags option .

Do: we put everything on the bridge pants ! Even better when it is rigid and a little wide, in corduroy for example. The buttons on the side give the optical illusion that the hips naturally extend in the right direction.

Don't: the slim jeans of course, as well as the bootcut , which in addition to being less modern than the trousers with a bridge, risks accentuating the “ hourglass ” side by doubling them on the calf. We also say goodbye to the peplum top, which visually increases the saddlebags.

How to wear the trousers with a bridge: waist not too high, even low waist for flat bellies, with a fluid blouse close to the body, ankle boots with seventies heels and a long beige wool coat.

Richard pants, Petite Mendigote , € 135

I have a small can


Le Pantalon taille haute Jean flare Anna de Gerard Darel à 155 €

Like plus size supermodel Candice Huffine , my “ winter stash ” fat always stores around my waist. Suddenly, I have a small well located buoy and love handles.

Do: flattening operation! The plump bottle's best ally is high-waisted pants (to bring home all the mess in a harmonious way), flare (a small belly often goes with wide hips, so we need to rebalance) with buttons or a very long zipper (to flatten the stomach) and patch pockets on the front (to give legitimacy to the volume). We choose our 100% cotton jeans, without elastane, to prevent the buoy from resuming its rights too quickly in a material that is too flexible, no but!

Do not: carrot pants or paper bag that will be happy to leave all the space to the bead for her show, clips because the can will break the fall of the cup, and of course the absolute ENEMY of the can, j named the low waist pants .

How to wear the high-waisted flare pants: with a short knit sweater if the size is marked, or a buttock-length soft cardigan if the wide hips extend to the butt.

Jean flare Anna,Gerard Darel , 155 €

I have thick thighs


Le Pantalon palazzo taille haute à fentes de Zara à 69,95 €

Like rapper Cardi B , my thighs are impressive. The controversial “ thigh gap ”, the space between the legs that obsesses teens, very little for me!

Do: we put on the high waist palazzo pants , which lengthens the leg to infinity. In addition to being furiously trendy and ultra comfortable, its fluidity erases the difference in thickness with the calves.

Don't: unless you love your good thighs and want to let it know, slim is to be banned.

How to wear palazzo pants: with a fine knit funnel neck sweater, a cropped jacket, dad shoes or high stilettos.

Slit pants, Zara , € 69.95

I have a good butt


Le Pantalon cigarette pied-de-poule de The Kooples à 195 €

Like Kim Kardashian , my hips and shoulders are aligned, my waistline is marked, but I have no shortage of pretty shapes. I am an 8.

Do: female morphology par excellence, the 8 can a priori afford anything if it is assumed, as long as we keep in mind the idea of lengthening the silhouette. To sublimate pretty shapes, we opt for high-waisted pants that mark the waist, in straight, slim or bootcut models. The cigarette pants are also a nice option, especially with a large scratch on the side to make the length in the leg.

Don't: avoid carrot pants which will tend to thicken at the hips. Open bar for the rest.

How to wear the cigarette pants: centerpiece of a boyish style, will be perfect for going to work with glossed leather moccasins and an oversized tuxedo jacket .

Houndstooth cigarette pants, The Kooples , € 195, available in store

I can afford anything


Le Pantalon Safari beige de Acquaverde à 140 €

Like Gigi Hadid , without bragging, my morphology in X (like the 8 but thinner) allows me to wear everything ...

Do: we have fun with the latest trends that are sometimes jarring, such as paperbag, safari or large-pocket pants. There is only one objective when you are a little short of shapes: to mark the size.

Don't: avoid slim 7/8 pants, which give the impression of canes instead of legs!

How to wear the safari pants: with a pair of western boots over the pants that are bloused on the height of the boot.

Beige pants,Acquaverde , 140 €, available in store

I have flat buttocks


Le Pantalon Carotte Claude de Ba&sh à 190 €

Like Taylor Swift , my butt is pretty lacking in volume. The dead calm!

Do: thanks to the carrot pants and its belted little brother the “ paper bag ”, we give the illusion of a marked waist and volume around the top of the thighs and therefore the buttocks. Even better if you find one with flap back pockets!

Don't: the high-waisted pants tight to the butt, and the slim which shines all the spotlight on the forms, and therefore on the absence of forms.

How to wear carrot pants: with a t-shirt, a leather jacket and notched derbies.

Claude pants, Ba & sh , 190 €


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