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What are the trendy labels, beauty protocols, high-tech toys, innovative products and revolutionary lipsticks that mark the season? Small mix of the most desirable and effective new products of the season.

Milk: the frizzy stick that saves party girls

Roll cooling water de chez Milk

Focus on: the new gel stick based on caffeine and seawater Cooling Water , the ideal product to deflate puffy eyes the aftermath of overwatered evenings. Let the roll slide under your eyes: the effect is immediate! It refreshes the eyes, reduces puffiness and gives a boost in record time before passing it on the remains of the face for a hell of a boost of radiance and freshness.

We like: a product to always keep in the fridge (with a bottle of champagne) and to use very fresh, like a mini cryo treatment.

Cooling Water Milk , 22 €


Rouge à lèvres Rouge Artist de chez Make Up For Ever

Focus on: Rouge Artist . It is the novelty signed Make Up For ever that has panicked Parisians and the world of make-up artists since fashion week . Its singularity: a lipstick with a design inspired by the gestures of the lip brush which gives incredible precision. What makes all the difference: this tube mixes the intensity of a matte and the luminosity of a moisturizing cream red with a blur finish. Enriched with a care capsule and a beautifying complex, its extraordinary double formula smoothes fine lines and imperfections.

We like: an infinite number of possibilities available on a palette of 60 shades to awaken the creative make-up artist in you.

Artist Rouge, Make Up For Ever , € 24.50

Murad: the anti-pimples protocol that is a hit in LA

Protocole anti bouton du Dr Murad chez Sephora

Zoom on: the best anti-pimple protocol to adopt since wearing a mask made you dive back into the worst memories of your high school years. This is the event: the ultra-sharp American brand (No. 1 in retinol in the US) created by Dr. Murad , a renowned dermatologist in LA that all the starlets are snapping up, is coming to France at Sephora next week.

We like: the possibility of combining tailor-made anti-blemish products from its blue range with very effective innovative formulas: cleansing gel (34 €), corrective anti-dark spot treatment (24 €) or anti-blemish (46 €) and a mattifying shine controller (45 €).

From October 20 on Sephora

Bear, the anti-aging war machine

Massage facial avec Bear de chez Foreo

Zoom on: the latest high-tech toy from Foreo , the avant-garde Swedish label preferred by geekettes. A real nugget, this new firming device diffuses painless electrical micro-currents that tone and reboost the cellular system and ensure real facial fitness . In short: the tissues are toned, wrinkles are reduced and the face is plumped. In short: a “ facialist ” at home who has nothing to envy to the overpriced facial massage gurus ...

We like: 5 routines to target your obsessions and complexes that tone the cheekbones, forehead, neck or facial oval in 4 minutes flat, to be combined with a serum to boost the smoothing effects.

Bear, € 299 on Sephora

Blissim, the experience of a beauty influencer

Blissim, un abonnement mensuel pour recevoir les marques beauté les plus pointues du moment.

Focus on: the Blissim beauty experience (ex-Birchbox). The canon principle remains the same: a minimum price subscription with a small package of products that we receive each month that allows you to try all the most cutting-edge brands of the moment and the cult products of beauty influencers .

We like: the tailor-made selection to choose your 5 favorite miniatures from body care, skincare or make-up.

Blissim , € 13.90 per month

Cultiv, the label that strikes back against blue light

crème hydratante, sérum, gélules hydratantes Cultiv

Focus on: Cultiv , the young brand 100% made in France in & out which combines the ultra-targeted effects of cosmetic products + the spectacular benefits of mini cures of food supplements . The goal? Find a young girl's face by helping the skin to defend itself against the harmful effects of blue light . It is proven, looking at screens is like the sun, cigarettes or pollution: they make the skin age prematurely.

We like: products all made from good organic vegetables from our French countryside such as beetroot , chicory or cantaloupe melon , all rich in antioxidants and hydrating properties.

Products available on Cultiv : moisturizer (25 €), serum (35 €), moisturizing capsules (20 €), moisturizing gummies (10.50 € for the trial treatment)

Guerlain cleansing gel that feels good for the hands

Gel nettoyant Abeille Royale de chez Guerlain

Zoom on: the new Abeille Royale care duo for the hands signed Guerlain which is very good in terms of barrier gestures. Starting with the leave-in gel to cleanse, purify, protect and moisturize the hands… while leaving a wonder of scent on the hands. In short: the new anti-covid weapon to be drawn throughout the day without breaking the bank.

We like: immediately take out the repairing balm to nourish, smooth and rejuvenate the skin of weakened hands.

Guerlain - Royal Bee : g a l cleaner (25 € the tube) and repairing balm (50 € the tube)

Victoria Beckham's Youth Serum

The Face Oil, une huile de soin de haute qualité pour le visage avec un système d'application innovant favorisant une absorption rapide de chez Augustinus Bader.

Focus on: The Face Oil , the new star product from the Augustinus Bader brand that Victoria Beckham loves, who is a control-freak of the perfect face. The result of 30 years of scientific research, this revolutionary new formula promises glowing and rejuvenated skin by delivering essential nutrients directly to skin cells throughout the day.

We like: its light formula which immediately hydrates without leaving a greasy film.

The Face Oil - Augustinus Bader (190 €)

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