The magic solution to keep your kids busy during confinement

Pandacraft A La Maison

Notice to all parents looking for smart and stylish ideas to occupy the kids during the long days spent in confinement! Look no further, we have found the golden solution to have peace, and have as much fun as them. Good news that magically arrives in your mailbox when you register ... Are we making the pitch?

Fascinating experiences

A real booster of creativity for children, Pandacraft has imagined a concept “ at home ”, turnkey, to excite their curiosity without ever falling into so-called educational activities but in fact frankly boring. The idea is above all to have fun!

Their mantra: a creative monthly subscription , designed around a cultural or geographic theme such as water , volcanoes , the Far North , the human body ...

un abonnement mensuel créatif, pensé autour d’une thématique culturelle ou géographique comme le Grand Nord

How it works ?

Much more than a pretext to “ occupy ” them, Pandacraft is an adventure to be lived with your children.

Concretely: the process takes place in 2 stages, in order to always be able to be energetic, to bounce back on concepts without ever getting bored ...

To start the festivities: we start by reading a magazine that contextualizes the subject raised. Take the Inuit . How do they manage to live in the polar cold ? What is their culture ? What is a Qulliq ? University of Montreal professor Alain Cuerrier explains everything to children better than anyone.

L'abonnement pour découvrir et faire à 4 mains

Then make way for manual activities! For the proof in pictures, if you want to understand the construction of an Inuit village , a real snow factory, or depending on the other themes playing doctor on a giant skate ... In short: do-it-yourself masterclasses, super interesting, but above all funny and entertaining ...

We like: kits designed for all ages, the Explore range for 3-7 year olds to learn while having fun and the Makers range for 8-12 year olds, with much more muscular information and activities, almost at the same time. like an Escape Game or an “ In real Life ” game!

Pandacraft, monthly subscription € 9.90 without commitment or € 8.90 with 12-month commitment.

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