Paris Texas, goodies are wild about BBQ

Paris texas restaurant

« Houston, we have good news ». The authentic Yankee barbecue, a true cult in the United States, has just settled down in Paris along the bustling rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis. Dallas move over!

You drooled watching Frank Underwood wolf down ribs in House of Cards?  They serve them here. Pork and beef ribs, pulled pork sandwich, brisket, the classics of the Texan repertoire smoked with oak wood during 6 to 7 hours in the pure US. tradition Result, a very specific woody taste that mixes & matches with the BBQ sauce and rather light sides: cooked chick peas, tomatoes ; baked eggplant ; smoked marrow bone  ; mashed potatoes pimped with cheddar. Save some room for the chocolate cake, #OMG (6€).

Sue Ellen team? Shake up those cocktails (10-12€). JR, go for a made in Paris beer brew (4,2€).

We adore: the gold decor in copper and brass, in an oil baron ambiance and the terrace to smoke like a cow-boy.

plat du restaurant paris texas

Open every day from noon to 2pm.

Also discover Brasserie Bellanger, a Big Mamma with the French touch.

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