A tartare of Saint-Jacques and French caviar signed Tomy Gousset

Tartare Caviar Saint Jacques

The latest chic in social and festive dinners? Copy the chef Tomy Gousset who pimpe extraordinary Aquitaine caviar. Or when the milky side of raw cream wonderfully sublimates the iodine touch of sturgeon eggs and the sensuality of a carpaccio of scallops ...

For 4 people


  • Open the scallops , remove the nuts and rinse them in cold water to remove the sand.

  • Keep cool in a dry cloth.

  • Beat the raw cream with a whisk , relax it with the lime juice .

  • Blanch the parsley , drain well then mix with the grapeseed oil and put in a kitchen towel.

  • Cut the radishes into thin strips using the mandolin.

  • Cut thin slices of Saint-Jacques and place in a rosette, with the sour cream.

  • Add the caviar , puffed rice and radishes .

  • Then finish with herbal oil and chervil .

Also discover the recipe for tagliatelle with caviar as at Pétrossian .

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