The ceviche of Isana

Restaurant Lazare

Isana (7 Rue Bourdaloue, 75009) is the new star Brazilian cantina of Parisiennes. All the fashion twigs gather here to enjoy furiously light bowls, satisfying comfort. And the good news is that the restaurant has accepted share with us their very exclusive ceviche recipe. Careful: it’s really addictive.

Ceviche recipe

For 4 persons

Begin by preparing the leche of tiger, mixing all the ingredients, filter.

Dice up the fish, season with salt and the chopped  pepper. Mix well so that the salt penetrates in the fish and enhances the lemon « cooking ». Marinate in cold lemon juice. Allow to marinate for 10 minutes then add the leche of tiger that will stop the cooking process.

Cut up the sweet potatoes into rather thick triangles. Bake in the oven at 230° for 10 minutes. Verify the cooking that will depend on the thickness of the slices.

Chop up the onion very finely, salt and allow to soak for 5 minutes in cold water, the onion will be more crispy and also softer. Drain well.

Chisel the coriander. Add the onion, the coriander, the minced radish and the roasted sweet potato. Mix delicately and present on a plate with a generous amount of tiger’s milk.


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4 filets of fish with scales : yellow pollack, redfish, sea bass, striped bass cut in small  cubes

100ml of green lemon juice

1 red semi-onion

Peruvian amarillo pepper (red pepper if you cannot find yellow)

450gr of sweet potatoes

Fresh herbs

Branch celery

Fine sea salt

For the leche of tiger (the sauce)

10gr of fresh ginger

2gr of fresh pimento

3gr of garlic

50ml of lemon juice + 100ml water


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