The healthy virtues of salty lassi

It’s the new trendy potion. Not surprising, this traditional drink from India is known to open the royal way of wisdom. The probiotics it contains inside are said to reduce physiological and psychological stress through its beneficial action on the digestive system. To be consumed all summer long!

For 4 persons.

Peel the avocado. Remove the pit and dice up the inside. Mix with the lemon juice, then add the fermented milk and the salt while mixing. Chop up the pistacchios. Pour the lassi in the glasses. Sprinkle the pistacchios on top and taste. This drink is ideal with spicy dishes.

Variation: Depending on the savour and texture wishes, you can choose leben, rayeb or kefir as well as a fresh fruit, such as a mango.


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1 l of fermented milk

½ teaspoon of fine salt

1 ripe avocado

the juice of one 1 lemon

20 g of green shelled pistacchios

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