Weekend: the editorial staff's favorite cabin suitcases

Valise Cabine

For a sunny romantic weekend, a wedding or a trip with girlfriends, the cabin suitcase becomes a real fashion accessory. Long shunned by designers, this baggage democratized by airlines (it does not exceed 55cm) is the new standard for short stays . You still have to have found the model that will give you style without ending up in the hold. The editor whispers her favorite models to you ...

Ria's choice: Delsey x Air France


Its look: its rose gold color and rounded lines make the Delsey suitcase designed for Air France an ultra-sophisticated object.

Why are you going to adopt him? Its non-slip grip is super pleasant to pull. In addition, being a bit obsessive, I appreciate that the liner is removable so that it can be machine cleaned between two trips.

Cabin suitcase 3.6 kg, Air France DELSEY Premium , € 250

Véronique's choice: Rimowa


Its look: the first ultra-resistant and light polycarbonate suitcase offers a summer outfit in a very soft almond green.

Why are you going to adopt him? I like the stability of its wheels which makes its traction really convenient and easy.

Cabin Bamboo 3.2 kg, Rimowa , € 555

Alisson's Choice: American Tourister


Its look: all white with rainbow closures in honor of Pride Month, the American Tourister cabin suitcase stands out with its contemporary design.

Why are you going to adopt him? Really light, ergonomic in every way and super well organized inside, I use it almost every weekend.

Cabin suitcases 2.1 kg, American Tourister , € 134.95

Elodie's choice: Lancel


Its look: with its signature red leather and clean lines, the Lancel cabin suitcase is a timeless piece of incomparable chic.

Why are you going to adopt him? Already, I find it sublime! Then, I like that it is not separated in two at the width level by the closure. This allows me to accumulate pairs of shoes in every corner…

Correspondance cabin suitcase, Lancel , € 995 on sale at € 696

Solenn's choice: Lipault


Its look: all light, the suitcases of the Parisian brand Lipault are immediately recognizable with their colored nylon, water-repellent and flexible, easy to clean and perfect for those who always stuff the last pieces in corners at the last minute.

Why are you going to adopt him? I try to consume French people as much as possible, even in the luggage room. In addition, its feel good colors match perfectly with the mood of my vacation!

Plume Sunflower cabin suitcase 2.19 kg, Lipault , € 189

Aurélie's choice: Roncato


Its look: overly beautiful pastel shades, rounded lines, chrome finishes… The new Roncato model combines style and practicality with its ultra-resistant wheels.

Why are you going to adopt him? It's the graphic designer who speaks: I am necessarily sensitive to the silhouette of the model and its soft colors perfect for summer. Between the pink and the blue, on the other hand, my heart swings!

Ypsylon 2.7 kg trolley, Roncato , € 179

Charles's Choice: Tommy Hilfiger


Its look: rigid, silver, adorned with blue white red stripes, the cabin suitcase from Tommy Hilfiger is contoured to perfection with an elegant silhouette.

Why are you going to adopt him? My suitcase is super technical with its double wheels that adapt to all situations and its lockable and waterproof closure. I really take it everywhere with me

Corporate Spinner (4 wheels) silver 55 cm 2.9 kg, Tommy Hilfiger , 189 €

Clémence's choice: Samsonite


His look: his Freedom message responds to the gay-friendly campaign operated by the American brand Samsonite . A simply strong word in rainbow colors to mark his open-mindedness.

Why are you going to adopt him? I hate carrying heavy objects. Samsonite is truly the lightest suitcases on the market (1.7 kilo!) While remaining ultra-resistant.

Spinner (4 wheels) 55cm, Samsonite , 409 €


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