Soaps « just like cupcakes »


You dream of customizing your bathroom to make it worthy of a pastry shop and creating soaps just like macaroons ? Cool! This is exactly what the online boutique of Savonnerie DIY is offering since you can choose each ingredient for a gourmet shower or a yummy bubble bath.

How to go about it? Go to the site and choose your favorite product base (bath, shower, shampoo) and fire up your imagination: raspberry, chocolate, mint flavors and many others, colors, sequins, exfoliation, packaging… Everything is possible to make the pastry soap of your dreams.

We like: quality ingredients certified by cosmetic specialists to create your own cake soaps without risking allergies or nasty reactions.

Tops: Looking for inspiration? We adore the 25 recipes and  tutorials available on the Soap Box site to create on your own a wide array of delicious sweat treats and to play at being coquettes in your princess bathroom

Soap Box

La Boutique de la Savonnerie DIY, count   23 € for the Coffret Pretty kit

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