Test the Louboutin « shot»

Testez La Piqure Louboutin

Code name? « Loub job » in the inside-track world of fashion editors, red carpet actresses as well as all sorts of shoe-addict  in the United States. This is a die-hard method to wear skyhigh stilettos without suffering. A method inspired by Christian Louboutin himself.

The idea? An injection of hyaluronic acid in the small cushions under the feet (in front of the toes) in order to give them volume and enhance their function as « shock amortizers».

Cool: nothing definitive… The injection (almost painless) lasts about 6 to 8 months before resorbing itself…

What you should know… With a pair of slippers: 70% of our weight bears on the heel and 30% on the front of the foot. With a pair of more than 10 cms heel: 90% of the weight is on the front of the foot. Hence the need of a small cushion to compensate…

Price starting at 350€

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