A Prada bag or a night in a palace at 10 €

Comite Faubourg Saint Honore

A Prada or Ralph Lauren bag, a Chanel plaid, a dinner at the Camélia restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental palace, a Ladurée treasure chest , a Baccarat red heart, a painting by Alex Lutz , a dream night at the Bristol or at La Réserve with little already ...

Here is a small overview of the wildly luxury prizes put into play by the members of the Faubourg Saint-Honoré Committee during the most chic raffle, all of the profits from which will be donated to the Hospitals of Paris - Hospitals of France foundation.

The principle ? Bet 10 € on a ticket and win one of the 45 gifts that make you dream so much.

We adore: a small altruistic “ wow ” gift that is good for everyone. Win-win as we like.

How to play ? Tickets are on sale online at www.wintertimeparis.com until January 31, 2021. Good luck!

Good news: you can buy several tickets, just to put the odds in your favor!

All the information on www.wintertimeparis.com

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