A very « Downtown Abbey » novel

Un Roman Tres Downtown Abbey Principale

You are hooked on the adventures of the Crawley family? Well there’s very good news for fans of the cult series Dowtown Abbey! Its brilliant author Julian Fellowes does it again with « Past Imperfect », a terrific new novel that we suspect will soon be adapted in another series

Meanwhile rush to order what is sure to be the it-book for summer and great reading on the beach. You will step back to the 60s, at the heart of English high society Swinging London.

On the program: the mundane  activities and social parties of a group belonging to the English Gotha and young girls from very good families, still attached to the old-fashioned rituals of English aristocrats (debutant balls, trousers forbidden for girls and old-school picnics) on a background of sexual revolution and rock ’roll…

In the same way that Dan Humprey managed to be accepted in the very closed circle of the à Upper East Side and its upscale parties in Gossip Girl, Damian Baxter manages to be part of the crème de la crème universe in Cambridge. This is the saga of young man in a universe where pedigree and good manners count more than money …

Like a thriller on the small aristocratic circle, this novel features a very glam’ and retro intrigue that will certainly be addictive

Past Imperfect published by Ed. Sonatine. 22€
Solda t the FNAC and good bookshops.

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