Adopt the real secret of penniless fashionistas

Adoptez Le Vrai Secret Des Modeuses Fauchees

Customize your summer sandals! Here is the resolutely stylish and penny-pinching solution to trot around Paris on comfortable high heels.

The idea? Twisting your most comfortable summer sandals with pretty stylish, chic and inexpensive socks, spotted at pretty brands such as Pas Chassé or Tabio…

Result? It’s far less compressive for the foot than a closed shoe, reinforced by the softness of a sock. This way, you can zip around without blisters and in comfy mode …

Instructions for use:

-Privilege « noble » fabrics and colors such as black velvet, blue (as Zara does so well) or pretty powdery pink leathers, caramel or even glitter.

-In terms of socks, wager on « couture » models, black with bows, an « it » color or seasonal prints in burgundy, china grey, tweed, with a reminder of the color you are wearing for a perfect mix and match look.


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