The 5 best comics of the year you must read

Bd Angouleme 2020

It is the Ministry of Culture which says it: 2020 is the year of comics On the program, more than 300 events throughout France and support measures for authors. Pénélope Bagieu , Inna Shevchenko , Marie Avril , Joe Sacco , The Starry Man : we present you the comics of the year to read first.

The most regressive

La BD  Sacrées sorcières de Pénélope Bagieu et Roald Dahl

The good comic book: Sacred witches by Pénélope Bagieu and Roald Dahl

The pitch: with a lively, flexible and colorful line, Pénélope Bagieu wonderfully revisits the story of an orphan little boy delivered to the tender arms of his extravagant grandmother. While they go to a hotel by the sea, the child realizes that the place is populated by witches determined to make all the children of the planet disappear ...

For whom: nostalgic older children. Thirty-seven years after its original release by Roald Dahl , Pénélope Bagieu illustrates like no one else and in its own sauce the cult work of the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , aka one of the most delicious thrills of our childhood.

Gallimard Jeunesse, 304 pages, € 24.90

The most militant

La BD Prénom : Inna de Inna Shevchenko et Thomas Azuélos

The good comic: First name: Inna de Inna Shevchenko and Thomas Azuelos

The pitch: while the fall of the USSR led to general impoverishment, little Inna develops an obsession for the dissident journalist Gueorgui Gongadzé , found murdered. An event that will seal her fate as a freedom fighter.

For whom: curious, feminists and admirers of extraordinary women. If one knows Inna Shevchenko for her activism within Femen , one discovers in this fascinating album the tormented childhood of the young woman in Ukraine of the 2000s and the root of her fierce commitment.

Futuropolis, 104 pages, € 18

The most biographical

BD divines vies de Sarah Bernhardt, Marie Avril et Eddy Simon

The good comic book: Divine, Life (s) of Sarah Bernhardt of Marie Avril and Eddy Simon

The pitch: a huge French tragedian of the 19th century, Sarah Bernhardt was also the heroine of her life. Eternal in love, rebellious, adventurous, courageous, whimsical: the Divine of the Odéon theater has shaken up traditions to take her destiny in hand. By exploring the romantic life of a star, Eddy Simon and Marie Avril create a portrait of a modern woman that is as fascinating as it is aesthetic.

For whom: those passionate about romantic destinies, French history and… badass feminists ahead of their time.

Futuropolis, 176 pages, 22 €

The most journalistic

BD payer la terre de Joe Sacco

The good comic book: Paying the land of Joe Sacco

The pitch: known for having traveled through countries scarred by war, it is this time to the indigenous peoples of Canada that Joe Sacco's pen and brush pay homage . Ten years after Gaza 1956 , his new book looks back on the painful past of the Dene, the First Nations of the Northwest Territories of Canada . We thus discover with emotion the cultural genocide, the ecological drama and the loss of territory inflicted on this people.

For whom: everyone! Impossible to miss this humanist comic strip and this pope of comics-reportage who perfectly mixes drawings and journalistic objectivity.

Futuropolis, 272 pages, € 26

The most moving

BD À la vie de L’homme étoilé

The good comic book: In the life of the starry man

The pitch: who said we couldn't talk about the hospital with joy and humor? This is the bet that the star-studded man , the nurse with more than 133K followers on Instagram, has launched . Through fantastic encounters, frenzied music and astronomical challenges, the author puts a slap in the face of illness, for our greatest pleasure.

For whom: those who seek to laugh and cry! In this ode to life filled with humanity, all the ingredients are there for a good mood shoot.

Calmann Levy, 192 pages, € 16.50

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