My beauty to-do list to be perfect at the start of the school year

Beaute Rentree Glow

The face care that makes Hydrafacial out of date, the Zoro hair that resurrects your fleece and the secrets of a tan that lasts: follow the guide to manage recovery in hottie mode.

The ultra-comprehensive facial treatment to treat yourself to after the holidays

State of play: Lack of hydration, clogged pores, pigment spots… at the end of summer, our PLS skin accumulates handicaps. We have the solution.

The Holy Grail: Forget the Hydrafacial. The secret address of beautystas to show off a photoshop complexion at the start of the school year: Maison Magnifisens. Halfway between the beauty institute and the medical office, this hybrid place created by Sandra Texier, aesthetic doctor advocating naturalness (here no needles or injections, we only work on the quality of the skin) offers a protocol high-flying: the Jet Peel. The lease: active ingredients are sprayed directly into the heart of the dermis thanks to a jet of air propelled at supersonic speed (110 km!) The one-hour treatment includes lymphatic drainage, a peeling with glycolic acid, a photomodulation session and - last but not least - a delicate and divine massage. When you are told complete.

Verdict: An all-inclusive treatment combining technicality and well-being. Go for it, your skin will love it.

And at home: Warmly recommended for those who want an expert treatment without going to the institute box: the Dermalogica cure, an 8-week peeling concentrated with 10% salicylic acid to activate cell renewal and treat imperfections after summer.

The hair savior that resurrects hair in PLS

State of play: After a wild summer where your hair, free as air, lived its best life in #nofuture sun, chlorine and sea don't care mode , back to reality. It's back to school and your mermaid hair has turned into an unmanageable straw-colored mop of hair. A rehab of the tifs is essential.

The Holy Grail: Rihanna and Hailey Bieber swear by it. Code name: K18, the beauty trend that is setting Tik Tok on fire. And for good reason. The result of 10 years of research, this mask infused with a patented active ingredient has the superpower to repair damaged hair. All in 4 minutes flat.

Verdict: Notice to those who firmly believe that “NO, a hair cannot be repaired”: welcome to the world of the future! Revolutionary, this capillary Zoro is the first treatment that penetrates inside the fiber to restore broken keratin chains. Without rinsing, it applies after the shampoo in intensive treatment then in maintenance. Believe it or not, it's a hit.

And also: Olaplex, the repairing treatment made in California developed by a winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Top on hair that has undergone chemical treatments to repair and bring shine.

The secrets of tanned skin until January

State of play: Barely time to show off at the office that your hard-earned tan is gone. The culprit: cell renewal. Explanations: every 21 days, the dead cells on the surface of the skin desquamate to make room for new cells. And bye bye the pretty amber glow!

The holy grail: Les Miraculeux, vegan and natural gummies based on beta-carotene, copper, lutein and antioxidants, with a tangy taste that gives the impression of eating candies. If you zapped before the summer, start the cure as soon as you return home to play the extensions when the complexion turns gray.

And also: The trick to being tanned 365 days a year when you look like an aspirin? The self-tanner. But naaaannn it's not cheating! Eyes closed, we recommend this new SNY Cosmetics serum. In addition to offering a golden tan, it contains anti-aging active ingredients. Guaranteed “more tanned or your money back” (true!)

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